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We recognise the importance of preparing our students for their future careers. Besides providing them with the necessary scientific and technical foundations through a rigorous curriculum, we aim to help students bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application and develop life skills, through internships or extra‐curricular projects conducted in partnership with companies.

Internship experience, however short, provides our students invaluable practical training. It also gives them a headstart to explore and discover their career paths. In addition, internships are a good way for employers to try out students as potential recruits and to discover the changing qualities of the workforce.


Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP)

UPIP aims to encourage Science students to take up internships under a structured programme. Two type of electives are available under the programme:

  • XX3310 / XX3311 Professional Internship Programme is conducted during the Special Term (May to July). It offers students 4 Modular Credits for spending atleast 10 weeks in an organisation. It is available to students majoring in Chemistry, Computational Biology, Food Science & Technology, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Physics, and Statistics.
  • XX3312 Enhanced Professional Internship Programme is conducted in Semester 1 (August to December) or Semester 2 (January to May). Students should spend atleast 18 weeks in an organisation for 12 Modular Credits. Students majoring in Chemistry, Computational Biology, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Life Sciences, Physics and Statistics may participate.

During the internship, students work with a supervisor in the organisation. They are required to prepare a Work Plan, document their experiences in a Weekly Journal, and submit a Final Report to their Academic Advisor at the Faculty.

Employers offering internships will have to register the offered position during the semester before the internship. See below for registration.  




Internship Posting & Company Registration

Employers can now offer positions for UPIP under NUS unified internship portal, NUS TalentConnect portal hosted by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates. The TalentConnect portal is the same friendly NUS job portal that you have been using to reach out to students across all NUS faculties!

Position/s Registration:

– Step 1: Login to the NUS TalentConnect portal

– Step 2: After you have login, click on the “Jobs & Internships Management” on the left column of the web page and select “Job/Internship postings”.

– Step 3: Click on the “Create job/internship” icon

– Step 4: Click on “Faculty Internship - Science"  Internship” and select “Yes” to enter into the selection of internship programmes under the Faculty of Science.

– Step 5: From the drop down list of internship programmes, select the appropriate FOS Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) workterm. Select the desired internship period from the drop down list.

– Step 6: Enter the internship/project title and other required information as well as your preferred way of receiving students resumes

* New Employer Sign-up

(1) If you have not obtained the complimentary account to the NUS TalentConnect portal, please proceed to register your company via Sign-up.

(2) UPIP is a credit bearing module, hence students will have to apply and accept through the NUS TalentConnect portal. In the case where you would like to record students application through your company recruitment system, you can direct students to do so AFTER you have offered and they have accepted these offers via our NUS TalentConnect portal.

(3) Steps in offering students in the NUS TalentConnect portal:

1. Under each student record, select “Accepted” under the employer status column

2. Click “Offer position” icon  

Preparing students for the internship

Before the internship, students engage with an Academic Advisor to discuss internship possibilities. They must pass a career planning and preparation module. This module takes students through Career Research, Job Application, Networking and Interview Skills as well as Business Etiquette. Students are encouraged to attend lectures and training on Work Place Safety and Health, and talks by industry leaders and HR executives.

Beyond the official internship period

Sometimes, employers prefer interns to spend more time in their organisation. This needs to be arranged individually as students need to complete their undergraduate studies within a stipulated duration. For such cases, employers may wish to consider the following options:

Extended full‐time internship
Students majoring in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences may participate in Enhance UPIP in Semester 1 (August to December) or Semester 2 (January to May). Semester 1 internships may begin as early as May, while Semester 2 internships may end as late as July. This is possible if students are agreeable to extend their internship during the vacation. Qualifying students may take UPIP and Enhanced UPIP sequentially, thus allowing them to officially intern under the Faculty internship programme for the entire lenght, which could span over 7months.

Full‐time – Part‐time internship
This option may be considered for disciplines which only allow students to participate in UPIP during the Special Term (May to July). Internship can be full-time at first and continue part-time when Semester 1 begins in August.

Other internship arrangements
Companies may contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss other internship arrangements.


End of internship

At the end of the internship, the student's immediate supervisor is required to provide feedback on the student's conduct during the internship period at the company. The feedback should be given via NUS Talent connect. Prefereably the immediate supervisor of the student intern submits the feedback.

For more information on UPIP, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For specific queries or support relating to partnerships in Faculty of Science Internship Programme please contact Dr. Murugesan Sethu - Head, Strategic Partnerships & Development at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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