ALIVE! Appreciating Lives Initiating Volunteerism Every Day!


This year, Science Volunteers Corps (SVC), organized their annual ALIVE! carnival on 30th May 2016. Unlike previous years, ALIVE! 2016 provided a platform for meaningful interactions between children, elderly, and student volunteers from the Faculty of Science. Participants this year consisted of children from young Women's Christian Assoication (YWCA) of SIngapore and Fei Yue Student Care Services, as well as elderly members from Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA).

The carnival officially commenced with a combined session of glutinous rice ball rolling and this is especially meaningful given the symbolism of glutinous rice balls – togetherness and unity. Following which, elderly members planted and decorated their garden, while children expressed their creativity through colourful clay craft making. Participants were also engaged in mass and station games, and earning little gifts at each station. A photo booth was also present for participants to take wacky photos and to bring home a tangible memory of the event.

ALIVE! 2016 concluded with a “Blessing Exchange” segment where elderly and children wrote down their well wishes for each other that were kept in small glass bottles. These messages were then exchanged. This is with hopes that the messages will remind participants to appreciate the little things in life and to reminisce fondly of the memories they had shared during this event.

“It was indeed a wonderful platform for us students to interact with the beneficiaries. Seeing them having a smile throughout the day is heart-warming. I enjoyed myself throughout the event.” - Brandon SHAM, Year 2 Chemistry


Project Angel - Kaleidoscope of Love (PA-KOL)

pakol family

Through our overseas expedition to Laos, we gained numerous takeaways and insights. One was to appreciate what we have and count our blessings.The Laotians showed us, through their frugal yet purposeful lifestyle, that instead of dwelling on what we do not possess, we should treasure and be thankful for what we have. Despite facing problems of water shortage and blackouts, travelling long distances to schools, lacking access to medical care, etc. they always remain content and appreciative of life.

This expedition also taught us the true essence of service. Service is not an easy task but we should never underestimate the difference we can make and what each of us can contribute. During the 14 days of service in the villages, we stepped out of our comfort zone, immersed ourselves in the villagers' way of life, forged genuine lasting friendships and gave our best to meet the needs of the community.

Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you give.

The meaningful experience in Laos spurred us to contribute back to our local community. Thus far, we have worked closely with the following local beneficiaries: Darul Ihsan Orphanage, Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Willing Hearts. Through these experiences, we hope that the spirit of volunteerism would be ignited among our members and rub off onto those around us.

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Project Angel - Hearts & Hands

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


“Cambodia gave me the eyes that I always ignored back home. She emphasises that every individual matters. Every little thing counts. No matter how small an act of kindness or love, it is never wasted. We realised that race, religion, colour did not matter and we are all fundamentally humans.” - Muhammad Haiman B SAMAD, Life Sciences Major, Year 3


Outstanding Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) Players

Charmaine was the women’s captain of Team Science volleyball for IFG 2015. Charmaine’s team did well in the season and finished with a bronze for their matches. As team captain, she managed to instil a strong desire in the team to win. Always giving words of encouragement to her teammates even when the odds were against them at times, she exemplified what it means to never give up. Her team showed us what unity can achieve.

“When your team sticks together you know you have won.” – Charmaine

IFG charmaine

Kelly was the captain of Team Science dodgeball for IFG 2015. Watching his energetic team in action was a joy as they exhibited strong sportsmanship, passion and tenacity throughout their matches. His tenure as captain was mired with challenges from a lack of a suitable training venue to inadequate training equipment, but he always managed to resolve these issues. When faced with unfavourable calls from the officials, Kelly exhibited maturity in handling the situation and the emotions of his players. Unfazed by challenges, seeing them as opportunities instead of obstacles, Kelly and his team won our hearts with their spirited display and strong team synergy in IFG 2015.

-       Muhammad Haiman