Student Community Contributions


Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Student Committee

 Horseshoe Crab Rescue with Nature Society (Singapore)

BES Horseshoe crab rescue

BES students helped to monitor the horseshoe crabs at the Mandai mudflats to ensure that they stay around for many generations to come.


Computer Based Learning Centre (CBLC) Society

 Community Involvement Programme


CBLC organises a whole range of CIP programmes through the years, each being different from the other, from providing car washing services to organising self-help sessions for ex-convicts.

During summer 2017, CBLC organised Project Refresh, during which students went down to help elderly living in the Tiong Bahru estate with bed bugs issue and general maintenance of their houses.

During winter 2017, CBLC also organised an overseas community service programme. Project La Lumiere was organised in partnership with YESD, a social enterprise in Vietnam, they aimed to increase English literacy in Ha Giang province and also the preservation of the cultures of the minorities living in the area through responsible tourism. During the 13 days trip, interactive English lessons were conducted for the children living in the village and also helped with the refurbishment of a recreational room of a local orphanage by painting a mural and added in a library and a games corner.


Chemical Sciences Society (CSS)

MARCHallers (SVC Event)

CSS Marchallers with SciClub SVC

A half day event in collaboration with Science Volunteers’ Corps to spark primary school children’s interest in science.


Life Sciences Society (LSS)

The LSS Project DNA department seeks to promote volunteerism in the Life Sciences whilst building community and forging bonds between participants. With multiple projects a year, Project DNA works closely with grassroots and charity organisations to benefit the larger society. Past projects include a collaboration with organisations such as the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen and the Riding with the Disabled.

 Willing Hearts

LSS Willing Hearts

On Saturday, 27 January 2018, a group of 40 volunteers from the Life Sciences Society joined the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen in their preparation of food for the less fortunate. The food prepared was then distributed to needy families and individuals all over Singapore. Project DNA is thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful activity with the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen.

 Riding for the Disabled

LSS Riding with the Disabled Association

Project DNA engaged in a unique equine volunteering experience with Riding with the Disabled Association (RDA) on 27 December 2017. The RDA is a charity organisation that provides free riding therapy sessions for both mentally and/or physically disabled beneficiaries. Project DNA members participated in stable maintenance activities such as de-linting the horses’ saddle blanket, ploughing the soil at the horse-riding arena as well as assisted in administration work. These actions assisted RDA’s regular horse-riding therapy sessions for the disabled. Despite the physical work under the sweltering weather, it was a fulfilling and memorable experience.


Pharmaceutical Sciences Society

Pet Therapy

In collaboration with SOSD Dog Shelter, Pet Therapy allows participants to use this opportunity to de-stress amidst the hectic study period. Also, participants will get to know other pet lovers within the House. Thus, having a common topic to converse and allow bonding beyond the event.


 Science Club

Old Items Collection

SciClub Old Items Collection

Old Items Collection (OIC) is a biannual event organised by the Flag Sub-committee. Through this event, the Flag committee aims to collect unwanted recyclables to sell to the rag-and-bone man in order to raise funds. The proceeds will then be donated to a beneficiary.


SciClub Pack A Meal

On 11th December 2017, the Science Volunteer Corps (SVC) Sub-committee collaborated with Kraft Heinz Singapore and Rise Against Hunger in organising Pack-a-Meal. Staff members, students and the alumni from the Faculty of Science came together to pack meals at the multi-purpose room located on the second level of S10.

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Project Angel

These service-learning projects aid in the personal development of participants through experiential learning, and ultimately creating social citizenship in each participant. In 2018, the PA committee will be working with Thai Youth Community Foundation in aiding the rural communities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Young children in this region lack access to clean drinking water in schools. The PA committee will be improving the access to clean drinking water in these schools through the installation of water filtration systems.

-       Muhammad Haiman