Project Angel XX - Mosaic of Hearts

On 19 May to 6 June 2017, 17 student volunteers visited Cambodia to help underprivileged communities. At Widow’s Island, they conducted English lessons, installed irrigation systems and painted the Vocational Training Centre’s walls. At Sa’ang Community Education School, they helped with construction work and organised a cultural exchange to share on Singapore’s multi-ethnic cuisine and festivals.

cementing walls

 We wasted a lot of cement in the initial stages as most of them did not stick on the wall. However, as days went by, with more practice and guidance from the contractors, we became better at cementing the walls.


cultural night

 Cultural night at Sa’ang: A time where we cooked for the locals and performed for them as a way to share the Singapore culture. The locals also cooked for us and danced with us, making it a memorable and fun night for everyone.

english lessons

 We experienced some difficulties communicating with the students during an English lesson on feelings at Sa’ang. However, we improvised and made use of props and drawings to explain our lessons which made a difference. This also made the lessons more enjoyable for them.

 “Being able to witness how much pride they take in their work was truly a reaffirmation of my commitment to serve the local communities and inspiration to give my very best efforts regardless of any adversities that may present itself in life."  -one of the participants


 Step-UP! Charity Run-Walk 2017

The STEP UP! Charity Run-Walk, first organised by the FLAG’16 Sub-committee last year, comprises a charity run and walk-a-thon to raise funds for the Science Faculty’s beneficiary, the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Having received good feedback and responses from Science staff, alumni and students for the event in 2016, the event was organised again on 20th May this year.


 Prof Chew Fook Tim, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Student Life, officiated the run!


 Enthusiastic student volunteers cheered participants on!


"Despite feeling extremely tired, I felt good knowing that I ran for a good cause." -Lim Ying Xuan, Year 2 Life Sciences

"Even though we had to wake up super early and the weather was super hot, i think it was still quite fun to walk/run/chat with my friends! Also, the volunteers really deserve some like appreciation, waking up so early to feed mosquitoes and suntan just so that we wouldn't run the wrong way." -Dahlia Cheriati Yauwan, Year 2 Life Sciences

"The event was well organised and I had an enjoyable time there making new friends through this volunteering opportunity." -Joanne Toy Yi Hui, Year 3 FST