Engaging Student Leaders

Student leaders are also engaged in dialogue sessions and leadership programs organised every semester. 

Dialogue with Student Leaders

Representing the student population, student leaders from the Science Club, academic-based societies and interest groups engage in open discussions during dialogue sessions with Faculty members. Various topics and experiences, such as overseas volunteering and community work etc., are discussed. University policies and guidelines, such as PDPA, finance, and safety frameworks, are also reiterated in these sessions.

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Past Events

ICareILead (Student Leadership Programme)

ICareILead brings together student leaders and representatives from the Science Club, academic-based societies and interest groups to discuss students’ non-academic pursuits. Student leaders gain the opportunity to hone their leadership and organisational skills through planning and executing projects under the ICareILead programme. The annual Surprising Science Quest is one such project that student leaders under the ICareILead programme organise for the public.

NUS-Dow Surprising Science Fair on 21 March 2015- http://news.nus.edu.sg/highlights/8792-connecting-through-science