Student Clubs & Societies Activities


Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Student Committee

 Nature Race

BES Nature Race

BES Nature Race is an annual flagship event organised by the BES Student Committee for BES students and the Science faculty. The race aims to bring students closer to nature, challenge their knowledge on nature-related topics and promote friendly competition within the BES community.

Global Science Link

BES students collaborated with Global Link Singapore to organise an annual 6-day Science and global issues conference involving international students. In this collaboration, BES took the role of organising and providing content on the theme of environmental issues, which was the focus of the global issues segment of the conference.


 Computer-Based Learning Centre (CBLC) Society

 "Back to Basics" Workshop

CBLC Excel Workshop

CBLC organises a series of training workshops for Science students to equip them with essential skills. Examples of workshops are Basic Photography, Excel and Photoshop Workshops. For those who are interested to deepen their knowledge and skills, they can sign up for the advanced workshops which will expose them to a wider array of skills and techniques that they can use in their daily lives


Chemical Sciences Society (CSS)

Interview Skills and Resume Writing Workshops (Career Focused Workshops) 

CSS Career Focused Workshops 1

Workshops such as interview skills and resume writing are conducted in collaboration with Centre for Future Ready Graduate (CFG) to equip students with the necessary skillsets for internship or job applications.

Industrial Visits 

CSS Industrial Visit

A half day site visit to a chemical company which includes guided laboratory visits and a networking session. Industry visits are organised once a semester. DOW Chemicals and Solvay are a couple of examples of the companies that were visited.


Food Science and Technology (FST) Society

Ice Cream Making and Baking (ICMB) Workshop


Ice Cream Making and Baking (ICMB) Workshop is an annual workshop aiming to impart hands-on skill as well as the joy in baking and ice-cream making in participants. At the same time, participants were able to experience the same experience that our food science students do when handling food in our food laboratories. In the process of having fun, they also learnt the science behind some of the procedures as well.

CNY Celebration with Alumni


An annual reunion where alumni, faculty members, postgraduates and undergraduates congregated to meet and catch up with each other.


Life Sciences Society (LSS)

LSS Children's Camp

LSS Childrens Camp

The event aims to cultivate values and aptitudes such as curiosity, responsibility, open-mindedness and team building skills in children, which are relevant in the 21st century. Besides that, the aim is also to culture their interest in Biology.

EVB101: EVB Info Session (by LSS Environmental Biology Interest Group)


The Environmental Biology Interest Group (EVBIG) held its debut event, EVB101, on 12th Jan 2018. Enthusiastic students had a great time looking at the amazing specimens provided by Life Science Lab 7 and the Department of Biological Sciences. They also got to learn more about each module through interactive station-based content facilitated by friendly seniors. Deviating from the usual academic setting, this information session was a great time for socializing, networking, and absorbing valuable experience from their peers. The EVBIG hopes that this event will spark the beginning of a tightknit community of EVB lovers and nature nerds in NUS.

Humans of Life Sciences (by LSS Welfare Department)

LSS Humans of Life Sciences

Are you interested in knowing more about your fellow peers in Life Sciences? The LSS Welfare Department runs their own "Humans of Life Sciences" series! Weekly from 27th November, the NUS Life Sciences Society page features professors and students alike and offers glimpses into the lives of people from the Life Sciences community!


Physics Society (PhySoc)

Spark The Gap

PhySoc STG

Spark The Gap was started a few years ago to provide a platform for speakers to share about any interesting topic pertaining to science to enhance the experiences of Physics education, and to “spark” the interest of physics not only in the physics majors but also the general public. Topics ranges from string theory introduction to discovery of Higgs Boson and research at CERN to gravitational waves detection. The talks were also recorded down and uploaded to YouTube to reach out to a wider audience. Through these series of talks, NUS Physics Society hopes to raise more awareness that physics is not only for those who are pursuing it as their profession, but it can have profound applications in everyone’s life.

Physics Enrichmnent Camp

PhySoc PEC

The Physics Enrichment Camp, organized by the NUS Physics Society, is a longstanding event catered towards students currently studying in secondary schools or junior colleges. The event is geared towards exposure of more complex and interesting physical ideas or phenomena that the students may not encounter in their school’s own curriculum – lectures by NUS Physics Professors and lab visits to experimental opportunities. This outreach programme has seen great success over the years with a participation of around 400 students each time.


Pharmaceutical Sciences Society (PSS)

Industrial Visits

PSS organises several industrial visits to expose students to industrial career prospects even in seemingly unrelated fields. Past visits include visiting Ocean Health, 3M Customer Technical Centre to learn about various roles pharmacists can have there from an alumnus, and also the Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC) to learn about High-Throughput Screening and the applications in drug discovery research.

Know Your Medicine, Get It Right! (KYMGIT)


KYMGIT is a free health check-up provided for elderly residents, where licensed pharmacists are involved in checking through the medications of the elderly in search for Drug Related Problems. Through this, the residents have thus been able to seek further help to improve their medical conditions.

Brown Bagging

An initiative to bring mediation reviews to the homes of patients. It gives students a closer insight into the living conditions of our elderly community. Pharmacists also get a better overview of the medications the patient is on, including their storage conditions and expiry status.


Mathematics Society (MathSoc)

LaTeX Workshop

MathSoc Latex Workshop

LaTeX is a document preparation language widely used in academia, which is also a very professional way for university students to write their final year project reports, homework assignments and so on. The LaTeX Workshop, held annually in the start of Semester 2, introduces basic typesetting in LaTeX, which includes downloading and installing the software, writing text in various mathematical environments, managing documents, titles, sections, theorems, bibliography and other LaTeX concepts. It is intended for final year students who need help in translating their research findings into a presentable report.format, as well as other students who are interested in general document preparation systems. It is organised by LaTeXify Sub-Committee from NUS Mathematics Society and speakers are usually chosen from seniors with multi-year experience in the language.

Singapore Cube Competition

MathSoc Sg Cube Competition

The Singapore Cube Championship, formerly known as Singapore Rubik’s Cube Competition, is an annual competition held by the NUS Mathematics Society with more than 6 years of history. There are a total of three categories, namely the NUS Category, School Category and Open Category. In addition, the Open Category of the Competition is an event approved by the World Cube Association (WCA). The competition are held in the premises of NUS.

Through this competition, they aim to:

  1. Promote the fun of solving twisty cube puzzles in schools and varsities, as well as amongst the public;
  2. Foster friendships in the cubing fraternity;
  3. Encourage the youths to try out new skills;
  4. Encourage more people to play Rubik’s Cube which is beneficial to the maintenance of mental health and development.


Statistics Society (StatSoc)

Industrial Visit

Statsoc Industrial Visit

Students from NUS were invited to visit the offices of TerraWeather. It provides them an opportunity to have close interaction with Data Scientists, finding out on the types of projects they embark on and the working environments of the company. For many, it may seem that working as Data Scientist means sitting in a huge office room and staring at the laptop screen for hours alone. Yet, through this industrial visit, it was realised that what is more important for a Data Scientist is the thirst to learn and apply skills on real-life problems. People constantly discuss with each other on various methods to solve a problem, getting themselves messy with their hands (on programming) before they are able to come up with a better solution.

Data Science Competition

Statsoc Data Science Competition

The Data Science Competition was organised to encourage students from all university in Singapore to learn more about Data Analysis and how applicable it is to real-life problem. This year, participants have to derive a method that improve the accuracy of rainfall data, from the weather radar, using rainfall gauges data. With slightly more than 36 hours, participants must hand in a report on their results to enter the second round, where judges from TerraWeather and SGInnovate will choose the final 5 teams to present their result. Through the competition, the participants were able to get a glimpse on why data analysis is “the one” in today’s world and perhaps, spark their interest into the world of data science.


Science Club

Science Day

Science Day is organised by Science Club together with the Academic Disciplines Co-ordinating Committee (ADCC). It is an annual event where Science students experience the vibrancy of university life, while gaining exposure to the different fields of Science at the same time.

The academic societies came together to put up booths featuring interactive activities for the students. Each academic society has a game booth relating to their own majors. For example, Mathematics Society provided a sudoku game and Physics Society had a dart game. The visitors need to finish the game provided by different booths to collect the infinity stone stamp. Prizes and lucky draws were given to the students for their active participation. Students were also given complimentary photo-taking opportunities at a specially set-up booth and drinks and snacks including popcorns and candy floss, all of which were highly popular amongst the students.


Science Sports Games

Science Club Captains Ball

 A day of exciting games and activities for the students, staffs and alumni of the faculty of Science. Science Sports Games’ (SSG) main objectives are to create an avenue where stronger friendships are forged through a fun and novel event, to utilise sports to build on morale and teamwork within the students, alumni and staffs of the Faculty of Science, to encourage students, alumni and staffs of the Faculty of Science to engage a healthy lifestyle through different sports and to build up the anticipation for Inter-Faculty Games 2018.


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-       Muhammad Haiman