Distinguished Science Alumni Awards 2011
Ho Tat Kin
BSc (Hons) 1966
Executive Chairman, Rowsley Ltd

Dr Ho Tat Kin is Executive Chairman of the Board of Rowsley Ltd. He has been Director of Rowsley Ltd since June 2002 and Executive Chairman of the Board since 1 August 2010.

Dr Ho Tat Kin is a management consultant, specialising in the education business, digital media technology and business ventures. He brings with him more than 29 years of experience in general management and information technology.

Over the years, Dr Ho has served as director of various companies listed on the main boards of Singapore and Hong Kong. At present, he is Executive Chairman of Rowsley Ltd., a corporation listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange. He was a Non-Executive Director of Eagle Brand Holdings Ltd, also listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange, until his resignation with effect from 16 August 2007. He is also serving as director in several other private limited companies in Singapore.

Dr Ho has had a successful career in the public sector, having served in the Ministry of Education, Singapore Economic Development Board and finally leading the Japan-Singapore Institution of Software Technology as its Director until 1997, when he left to join the private sector. In 1989, in recognition of his contribution to the development of computer software professionals, the University of Stirling appointed Dr Ho as a Honorary Professor in the Department of Computing Science for a period of three years. He was an elected Member of Parliament from 1984 to 2001 and was concurrently a Town Council Chairman from 1988 to 1999, where he also advised on the investment of the Town Council sinking funds.

Dr Ho holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Singapore, a Japan International Co-operation Agency (Post-graduate) Certificate (Teacher on Computer Science) completed at Tokyo University, a Master of Science (Technological Economics) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Management Science) from the University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. He also received a Japan International Corporation Agency Fellowship for computer training at Tokyo University and Yamanashi University.

"Being able to rise every time we fall may be the greatest glory."

In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, we honour Dr Ho Tat Kin with the 2011 Distinguished Science Alumnus Award.