4 October 2019


Science Student and Her Team Clinched Top Prize for Menopause App!


McKinsey Digital Challenge Fang Wen 01The team - (from left) Neo Ann Qi, Alexia Tok, Carina Lim and Fang Wen - with their mentor

During a stint at the NUS Overseas Colleges Programme (Stockholm), FANG Wen, Year 3 Chemistry, together with her team members Alexia TOK (Faculty of Engineering), NEO Ann Qi (School of Computing) and Carina LIM (School of Design and Environment), emerged champions of the McKinsey Digital Challenge. This was part of the Stockholm Tech Festival, Europe’s largest hackathon for women, held on 7 and 8 September.

The team’s idea, named Eggfree, is a B2B service solution that conducts experiential learning workshops for men and women at the workplace, to ‘normalise’ the topic of menopause by sparking conversations about it.

The team was inspired to create something new and novel that is applicable to women on a daily basis. She said, “It was an eye-opening experience to be able to work on taboo topics like menopause. I met many passionate individuals who are likewise trying to develop solutions to empower women and improve their lives.”

The team’s experience reaffirmed their belief that collective efforts can help to destigmatise menopause, and generate awareness about this delicate issue. 

The team faced strong competition from more than 800 participants, but managed to edge out the other teams to clinch the top prize. Congratulations!


McKinsey Digital Challenge Fang Wen 02Together with the other winning teams of the McKinsey Dgital Challenge as well as the organisers