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Organisations across diverse industries are now generating huge datasets daily. Between the dawn of civilisation and 2003, the human race created five exabytes (5 x 1018 bytes) of information. Now we are producing that amount every two days.

Such a huge amount of data, collectively called Big Data, could be a company’s most valuable asset - but only if it they can unlock value from the data and translate knowledge into actionable insights.

This is where data scientists make a decisive difference. They have the professional and technical expertise to derive meaningful insights from Big Data, thereby generating business value.

The Data Science and Analytics (DSA) programme offered by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability in the Faculty of Science, in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science in the School of Computing, is the first in Singapore.

The four-year direct Honours programme is designed with sufficient technical depth to equip graduates with the ability to develop novel analytical tools for new scientific applications and industry problems that will emerge in future.

A Second Major in Data Analytics has also been offered from Academic Year 2017/2018 for Academic Year 2016/2017 cohorts.

From Academic Year 2017/2018, DSA students can opt for the NUS Co-operative Education (Co-op) programme. Students can link their studies to real-world issues through credit-bearing internships. Each Co-op student spends five semesters / terms (18 months) during the third and fourth years of study at the workplace with a reputable company or institution, where they acquire interpersonal skills, practical knowledge and domain expertise that enhance their employability after graduation.

This programme will help meet the talent crunch for data scientists, who are critical to achieving Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, and empowering businesses to be smarter and more competitive. 

Our graduates will enjoy exciting career opportunities in diverse industries and organisations that require extensive data collection, processing and analyses. These include biomedical sciences, business intelligence, clean technology, consumer businesses, finance, healthcare, infocommunications, manufacturing, marketing, re/insurance, safety and security, telecommunications, transportation etc.


Khairiyah Bte Mohamed Ridhwan
“The course taught me how to crunch data to obtain valuable insights, visualise data and communicate my findings to non-specialist audiences.” - Khairiyah Bte Mohamed Ridhwan, Year 2 student


Some of our graduates have established successful careers in data science-related fields.

IMG 1905 cropped
“Through analytics, we derive game-changing insights from data. This facilitates decision-making and enhances business competitiveness.” - Dr Loke Chok Kang, Data Scientist (Group Human Resources), DBS Bank - B.Sc. (Hons) with Double Majors in Statistics and Applied Mathematics (2005); Ph.D. in Statistics (2012)


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