Faculty Awards 2018




On 30 January 2019, the Faculty of Science held its annual Faculty Awards Ceremony, which recognises faculty and staff who have excelled in the areas of teaching, research and service. Prof CHAN Tsuhan, Deputy President (Research and Technology) graced the ceremony as the Guest of Honour.


This year, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award was awarded to 18 recipients for their dedication and contributions to science education. 19 full-time and part-time teaching assistants were recognised for their dedication and commitment in teaching.


The Honour Roll was awarded to three recipients with a track record of teaching excellence, having been Teaching Award Excellence recipients for the past three consecutive years, namely: Dr NG Wee Seng and Dr WANG Fei from the Department of Mathematics; and Dr ONG Pei Shi from the Department of Pharmacy.


Some of our Honour Roll award winners share their views.

“Teaching as a scientific experiment - where we go through the process of exploring and executing new teaching methods, analysing feedback, and refining teaching - has turned it into a pleasurable adventure that yields not just intermittent setbacks but also, satisfaction and rewards, such as a teaching award!” - Dr NG Wee Seng, Department of Mathematics


Faculty Awards 2018 33 min

“My goal is to empower my students to contribute to the community in which they serve, and impact the lives of patients under their care…Teaching is a journey. Each experience is a milestone that will bring you a step closer to becoming a better teacher.”  - Dr ONG Pei Shi, Department of Pharmacy


Our students also commended our Teaching Excellence Award recipients.


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Prof Darren YEO, Department of Biological Sciences - Teaching Excellence Award
“Prof Yeo takes a lot of effort to arrange field trips and guest lectures to provide students a holistic perspective of freshwater biology in Singapore.”


Faculty Awards 2018 26 min

Prof Joyce LEE, Department of Pharmacy - Teaching Excellence Award
“Prof Lee goes the extra mile to compile a list of medications relevant to her teaching topics.”


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Prof Alexandre THIERY, Department of Statistics and Applied Probability - Teaching Excellence Award
“Prof Thiery always tries to put himself in his students' shoes. He actively seeks various methods to engage students, such as Slido and Slack chat, during his lectures.”


The Faculty also honoured the research achievements of exceptional academic staff who have made significant breakthroughs and impactful progress in their areas of expertise.


Faculty Awards 2018 45 min

Outstanding Scientist Award recipient, Prof DINH Tien Cuong, Department of Mathematics, is a leading researcher in Complex Dynamics in higher dimension, a 30-year old branch of pure mathematics. Besides the theory of dynamical systems, Prof Dinh also contributed significantly to other topics such as the theory of foliations, the study of Fekete points, random polynomials and scattering resonances for Schrodinger operators.


Faculty Awards 2018 46 min

Prof CHNG Shu Sin, Department of Chemistry, was the recipient of the Young Scientist Award for his contributions to bacterial lipid trafficking and membrane homeostasis. Prof Chng’s laboratory uses bacterial outer membranes as interesting models for studying the biochemistry of lipid transport and membrane assembly.


This year, nine staff received the Outstanding Service Award for their exemplary service.


The Faculty also honoured 124 long-service faculty members and staff, with two recipients Mdm Adeline CHIA (in the photo) and Mrs LEE Soo Mien from the Department of Physics, who celebrated 45 years with the Faculty.

Faculty Awards 2018 64 min


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