Statistics’ Joel FOO founded Geboto


Joel Foo Joel and his fellow co founders of Geboto

Joel and his fellow co-founders of Geboto

Statistics alumnus Joel FOO, who graduated in 2018, and his NUS friends co-founded Geboto because they believe that Chatbot technology is the way towards enabling future business-to-customer communications. 

Their Artificial Intelligence engine automatically trains the Chatbot to understand human text, which is thus able to learn on its own. The Chatbot combines the use of analytical tools and market research to study and glean insights into customer behaviours. 

The team also created Foodie Monkey, a Chatbot that curates food promotions and presents bite-sized information to consumers in a jiffy. Foodie Monkey serves as a marketing channel for restaurants to publicise their promotions. It also connects food retailers to consumers in a simple and convenient way. 

Foodie Monkey is now on Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

Joel Foo2

Joel with his friends on exchange at Old Jaffa, overlooking Tel Aviv Beach

Besides Foodie Monkey, Geboto has two other products lined up: F&B and Hotel Suites that are user-friendly, modular and customisable to specific business requirements.

Attributing his achievements to his Science training, Joel said, “The ‘can-do spirit’ in NUS Science taught me to be resilient when facing a difficult problem and to persevere in seeking solutions. The modules I read equipped me with technical knowledge to think creatively. My degree also trained me to extract insights from data. This is crucial for conducting market research, studying user behaviour and building analytical tools.” He added, “Our solutions are built from the ground-up with analytics in mind, to improve the user experience and add value to our customers.”

Joel’s NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) experience in Israel was also vital in nurturing his interest to embark on his entrepreneurial ventures. He said, “The NOC programme combines the best of student exchange programmes and internships. Participating in NOC provided me the foundation to start a company. I learnt the importance of testing an idea and the ability to sell it.” 

Joel’s team was awarded the NUS Venture Ideation Practicum Grant by NUS Enterprise.

Joel Foo3

 Joel with his FYP supervisor, Prof Alex Thiery