Physics Enrichment Camp 2018


The Physics Enrichment Camp 2018 from 5 to 8 June 2018 drew over 660 students from 32 secondary schools and 14 junior colleges. The camp was held over two days each, for secondary and junior college students. It was jointly organised by the Department of Physics and the NUS Physics Society, and sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

The event featured live demonstrations as well as talks on black holes, imaging of dynamic proteins and wave-particle duality of atoms.

Participants were also brought on a laboratory tour for exposure to higher-level physics investigations. Specially designed experiments were set up for participants before the camp by undergraduates under the guidance of department laboratory officers.

Participants had fun exploring physics through hands-on activities. The event ended with a quiz session on solving physics problems.

Dr Nidhi SHARMA, the camp organiser, said, “This year’s talks gave a glimpse of physics research from the microscopic level to the scale of light years. The opening talk “Black Holes, Hawking Radiation and the Information Paradox” focused on the research of the late Prof Stephen HAWKING.”

She added, “We hope that the tour to the research laboratories gave participants better insights of research in different areas, and that the hands-on activities on simple physics concepts enriched their learning.”

A junior college student said, “All the activities were fun! Learning through experiments is more effective than book learning on theories.”

Physics Enrichment Camp 1

A live demonstration and talk by Head of Department Prof Sow Chorng Haur

Physics Enrichment Camp 2

Students immersed themselves with hands-on activities

Physics Enrichment Camp 3

Participants visited a research laboratory