Recipe for success: Nutrition entrepreneur CHAN Joy Seng


Today’s consumers are more health conscious. They are looking for nutritious food options but may not be familiar about how to apply the nutrition knowledge in their daily life, such as the reading of food labels.

With this gap to fill, Mr CHAN Joy Seng seeks to share his knowledge on the health impact and nutritional benefits of food to help consumers make healthier food choices.

To achieve this, he founded Alive Nutrition Consultancy in 2014 when he was pursuing a Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition. He said, “Setting up my own company allows me the flexibility to contribute to both nutrition and education.”

Alive Nutrition focuses on nutrition consultancy and services. This includes providing nutrition and health talks, supermarket tours on reading food labels, hawker centre tours on eating out healthily, cooking demonstrations on preparing healthier meals, and working with the food industry to develop healthier food products.


Mr Chan Joy Seng explained various food labels to the elderly during the supermarket tour



Joy Seng shared with the elderly on healthy cooking alternatives and prepared a healthy and flavourful meal for them


Joy Seng also conducts nutrition counselling for weight management and sports performance, implements workplace health programmes and develops materials for public health education.


Joy Seng shared health tips with the Singapore Cancer Society


Joy Seng at a Residents’ Committee Health Training



Joy Seng was invited to share on the TV programme “The Food Detectives vs Diabetes”


Joy Seng derives great satisfaction from his career. He said, “My work contributes to public health. The nutrition education that I conduct provides consumers with insights on healthy eating. This contributes to preventive health in our society.”