Data Science and Analytics Day 2018


For the second year running, the Department of Mathematics held a Data Science and Analytics themed-event on 14 March 2018 as a platform to share with the general public and pre-university students about data science, its applications and career prospects.

Prof ZHU Chengbo, Head of Department, welcomed the audience and gave an overview on the Data Science and Analytics four-year direct Honours programme, which was designed to equip graduates with the ability to develop novel analytical tools for new scientific applications and industry problems that arise in the future.  

Three speakers from different backgrounds were invited to share their expertise.

Our Science alumnus Dr LOKE Chok Kang, Principal Analyst (Human Resource) in the Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, shared how data science has become a mainstream tool that aids decision-making for businesses in different sectors, spanning the private and public sectors. He also shared how data science can derive game-changing insights, enabling business growth and transformation.  


Dr LI Qianxiao, Scientist at the Institute of High Performance Computing, focused on the theory and applications of reinforcement learning, an important branch of machine learning that mimics the way biological agents learn through experience.




The event was attended by more than 80 participants. 

Ms LIM Fen Niu, Head of Department, Mathematics, River Valley High School said, “The speakers provided a good representation of different perspectives on data science. Besides broad ideas of how data science can unlock opportunities by enabling informed data-driven decisions, the talks also shed insights into specifics such as the role of mathematics in developing computers to play Go. The session enhanced my appreciation of the usefulness of mathematics and data science in the world today.”