Future foods for health


Students from the NUS Food Science and Technology Programme, have been creating healthier staple foods for people who suffer from diabetes and obesity, as well as the elderly. Some examples of future foods for health include microfluidics noodles, purple bread, okra noodles, low GI rice and more!


Future Food 1

Oodles of microfluidic noodles! Delia Lee has been researching the design of food derived polymer strands using microfluidics which might one day allow the customizable release of food nutrients!


Future Food 2

Sean Ou is continuing the research into diabetic-friendly bread where a pigment extracted from black rice is added to the bread. This new bread option gets digested at a slower rate, improving blood glucose control, while remaining high in antioxidants, among other health benefits. More on the diabetic-friendly purple bread, nus.edu/2G0DDVP


Future Food 3

Jie Ai combines okra and noodles to form a low glycemic index noodle that's suitable for diabetics.


Future Food 4

Jodie Loo is creating low Glycaemic Index rice that looks, tastes and smells just like regular white rice!


Future Food 5

Andrea Koo (left) and Liu Hanzhi's research contributes to understanding and policy-making in the consumer food industry. Andrea is reviewing the effect of healthy food packaging on consumer behaviour while Hanzhi researches the impact of food advertisements placed around Primary Schools.


The post first appeared on NUS Facebook on 7 March 2018.