Science Student Awards 2017


Every year, a select group of students are recognised for their performance in a particular field of study. The awards are in the form of medals, cash and/or book vouchers, and they come from the proceeds of donations by individuals and corporations.


This year’s Science Student Awards took place at University Hall Auditorium on 22 September. The ceremony marked the Faculty’s recognition of award recipients in the Academic Year 2016/2017.


30 award recipients and their guests attended the event. The event was also graced by the various Heads of Departments, as well as representatives from our benefactors, such as KH Roberts Pte Ltd, Food Science and Technology (FST) Alumni Committee, Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd, Sugar Industry of Singapore (SIS) and Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC).


Recipient of the SIS Sugar Prize BAY Wei Heng, Year 1, Mathematics, said, “I am grateful to SIS and NUS for this encouragement, and will continue to work hard and strive for better results.” The SIS Sugar Prize acknowledges the two best Year 1 students in Science.


Recipient of the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) Donavan Marcus NEO, Year 4, Pharmacy, said, “I am grateful to the Faculty and the Department of Pharmacy for providing me with numerous opportunities to enrich my university experience, such as the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) and Final Year Project (FYP), which have honed my critical thinking and research skills. Being awarded the OURP has been one of my greatest achievements. As an aspiring researcher, I am thankful to be acknowledged for my achievements in scientific research.” The OURP is an annual university-wide competition which recognises the best undergraduate researchers in NUS.


Recipient of the Roche Singapore Technical Operations Prize TANG Kai Yin, Year 3, Life Sciences, said, “I am honoured and humbled to receive this prize as I see it as an affirmation of my hard work. I am encouraged to continually give my best in whatever I do and to take pride in my work.” The Roche Singapore Technical Operations Prize acknowledges the best Year 1, 2 and 3 students in Life Sciences.


Recipient of the Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP) Award Melvin YONG, Year 3, Life Sciences, said, “My UROPS experience was extremely rewarding as I had the flexibility to conduct research work independently with prompt and constructive advice from my supervisor and laboratory staff. My UROPS project allowed me to explore a field I have not been previously exposed to, which was truly exciting and fascinating.” The CRISP Award recognises the efforts of undergraduate students and their project supervisors towards UROPS.


Recipient of the Jurong Shipyard Book Prize Ryan GOH Wei Quan, Year 1, Double Degree Programme in Physics and Economics, said, “This prize will motivate and encourage Physics students to strive for academic excellence during their years with NUS. The Physics curriculum very rigorous, and I believe it plays an instrumental role in developing critical problem-solving skills. It is heartening to know that corporations such as Jurong Shipyard recognise the importance of a Physics education, and its versatility in preparing undergraduates for the smart nation of the future.” The Jurong Shipyard Book Prize recognises the two best Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students in Physics.


Recipient of the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Medal CHEN Siyu, Year 4, Physics, said, “This award reminds me that my hard work and creativity have been recognised. Passion has kept me going.” The IPS Medal is awarded to the best student in the B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics programme.


Recipient of the Arthur Rajaratnam Prize SHUAI Dongxing, Year 2, Chemistry, said, “The award came as a surprise to me as I am not a Physics major but chose to take the module on Experimental Physics out of interest. The module helped me understand principles better through experimentation. It also reinforced my experimental and data analysis skills. The greatest takeaway for me is to be bold and try.” The Arthur Rajaratnam Prize is awarded to the best Physics students in the modules Experimental Physics I and Experimental Physics II.


Recipient of the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry (SNIC) Book Prize Kevin Christopher BOELLAARD, Year 2, Chemistry, said, “I am truly motivated to continue pursuing my goals and aspirations. I would like to urge my fellow friends who are going through difficulties in their studies to press on. Take little steps and look to the people around you for help. One day when you look back, you will be surprised by how far you have come.” The SNIC Book Prize is awarded to the top two Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students in Chemistry.


List of Awards and Awardees

KH Roberts Prize
Andrea KOO Wanqi

PJ Barlow Prize
CHOO Wei Xian Desmond

Roche Singapore Technical Operations Prize
ONG Shujian
Javan LEE Tze Han
TANG Kai Yin

SIS Sugar Prize
BAY Wei Heng
Glenn QUEK

Singapore National Institute of Chemistry
SEE Neng Yi Dominic
Glenn QUEK
Kevin Christopher BOELLAARD
ONG Han Wee
CAO Xujun
Shawn NG Voon Hwee

CRISP Award (4 MCs)
Melvin YONG
Prof GAN Yunn Hwen (Supervisor)

CRISP Award (8MCs)
VO Anh Duc
Prof TAN Ser Peow (Supervisor)

Jurong Shipyard Book Prize
GONG Zhenyan
LIM Ying Chen
Szeto DEE Loon Dillon
YEO Wei De Lloyd
Ryan GOH Wei Qian

Lijen Industry Development Medal

Lim Soo Peng Book Prize
YANG Shengming
ANG Yan Sheng

MSD Gold Medal
CAO Xujun

Malayan Nature Society Silver Medal
Crystal HO Zhi Fan

Lily Medal and Prize in Pharmacology
SIM Poh Khee

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize
Donavan Marcus NEO
TA Le Duc Huy
TAY Zhi Jian Daniel
CHAN Mei Zhi Alcine

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize – Certificate of Merit
ANG Shi Hui
Corey Bryen LINGAM
NGUYEN Hoang Diem Phuong
WONG Chi Yan
YEAM Cheng Teng
CHAN Man Yau
Priyanka G KAMATH

Runme Shaw Book Prize
LOO Jia Sen
Celestine Grace CAI Xueting

SIFST Award and Scholarship
GUO Junwei Christopher

Tan Siak Kew Gold Medal
DONG Shaocong
QUEK Ming Hao

Arthur Rajaratnam Prize
SHUAI Dongxing

Givaudan Food Excellence Prize
MAK Ying Yuan

Goh Teng Loon – Wong Kim Wo Medal
TAN Xin En Ethelynne

IPS Medal

NTUC Medal
WANG Lukai

Rachel Meyer Book Prize
GAN Yin Yin

Tan Teck Chwee Book Prize
KOR Chong Luck Ryan
QUEK Ming Hao


SSA2017 DSC 4890

Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Student Life, Prof Chew Fook Tim opened the ceremony with a welcome address


SSA2017 DSC 4974

A group photo of the faculty members, guests and award recipients


SSA2017 DSC 4988


SSA2017 DSC 4991


SSA2017 DSC 4993

A group photo of the faculty members, guests and award recipients


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