Science Communication Dinner 2017


On 16 June, the M.Sc. Science Communication programme held its annual dinner at the Kent Ridge Guild House, in conjunction with the visit of two professors from the Australian National University (ANU), Profs Sue STOCKLMAYER and Mike GORE. 

The dinner was attended by members of the Deanery, including Vice Dean of Graduate Programmes Prof LU Yixin, Director of Special Projects Prof Leo TAN, Assistant Dean of Education Prof YAP Von Bing and Director of M.Sc. Science Communication Programme Prof LIOU Yih-Cherng, as well as faculty members, teaching staff, and alumni and students of the programme. 

The evening began with a fun game of balloon rockets, organised by Mr Peter JUERG, a recent graduate of the programme. Prof Lu Yixin shared on, and affirmed, the valued collaboration with ANU, and expressed his hope that the programme would enjoy robust growth in the years ahead. 

Prof Leo Tan, who played an important role in setting up the programme, spoke on the importance of communication and encouraged the alumni and students to adopt an attitude of lifelong learning as well as to stay active in the local science communication community. 

Prof Liou Yih-Cherng shared his team’s vision to continue improving and developing the programme, to ensure that it would add value to the important role of communicating science to non-scientific audiences. 

After a sumptuous buffet spread, guests were divided into four teams to brainstorm science demonstrations using simple tools and items found at the dinner venue. The guests had great fun with the demonstrations, which included musical and percussion glasses, balloon-lifted glasses and cups, turbo plates and glasses, balancing forks, telephone cups, catapults and floating ping pong balls, among others.

Profs Sue Stocklmayer and Mike Gore then delivered a speech in the form of a poem, highlighting their stay in Singapore, their experience teaching at the Science Centre Singapore and thanking all who made their stay enjoyable and memorable.

Prof Lu presented Prof Stocklmayer and Prof Gore with a token of appreciation before the close of the evening. 

Ms TAN Ngee Tiang, an alumnus of the programme, said, “Besides enjoying the good food and company, I am often inspired by the invited speakers and alumni on their work related to science communication.  Their sharings take on different forms, even through music and poems. The science communicators truly demonstrated how they could make science understandable in simple and fun ways.” 

The M.Sc. in Science Communication programme is jointly offered by ANU and NUS.


 Untitled 1

 Guests getting ready to launch the balloon rockets

Untitled 2

 Prof Lu Yixin affirmed the valued relationship with ANU


Untitled 3

Prof Leo Tan stressed the importance of communication and continual learning


Untitled 4

Prof Liou Yih-Cherng shared his team’s vision to improve and develop the programme


Untitled 5

Guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner

 Untitled 6

Zhang Mila, a current M.Sc. Science Communication student, playing a melody using water glasses


Untitled 7

Rakhita Manchanayaka beating to his “glass drums”


 Untitled 8

Balancing forks!

 Untitled 9

Gravity defying cups with the help of an inflated balloon by Ms Savita Sharma from Science Centre Singapore


 Untitled 10

A group photo of the guests of the Science Communication Dinner 2017