We recognise the importance of preparing our students to "plug & play" in their future career roles. In the design of our curriculum to further strengthen student's academic foundations, internship plays as an important part of the experential learning framework to reinforce classroom learning.

Our internship programmes provide NUS Science students multiple opportunities during their candidature to take up internships at local and international enterprises.

We also passionately nurture mutually enriching partnerships with employers, through our internship programmes.



The following are Faculty-level programmes where employers and students can formally engage each other:


> Undergraduate Professional Internship Programme (UPIP) - open to 2nd and 3rd Year students

> Final Year Internship (FYI) - open to 4th / Honours Year students

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 Other Department-level internship programmes:

> Enviromental Studies Internship Programme (ENV3202)


These programmes provide experiential learning on-the-job for students who will benefit in many ways:

  • Broadening perspectiveDevelop awareness and knowledge of the industry, companies and careers relevant to the industry sector of the internship provider. This reduces on-the-job training requirements so that students can become workforce-ready upon their graduation.
  • Planning ahead : Select elective coursework that integrates studies and career goals.
  • Translating scientific principles: Interpret, analyse, evaluate and develop useful information in the workplace. Students will become adept in applying classroom learning to perform assignments and solve problems in a real-world work environment.
  • Developing network: Establish personal connections and a professional network before graduation.