Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships

In a challenging labour market, companies across different industries are ramping up efforts to sustain organisational capabilities and cultivate a resilient talent pipeline. More organisations are embracing partnerships with academic and research institutions for collaborative innovation development, as well as to get a firsthand opportunity to recruit fresh best-in-class talents for their business needs. 

At the Faculty of Science, we are also keen to involve strategic partners in our curriculum that will help develop graduates who are future-ready. For our research programmes, we are open to involving industry to translate our scientific innovations to real-world applications.

Research-industry collaborations play an important role in creating new technologies and products that benefit society. These partnerships play a vital role in Open-Innovation, "a time travel strategy" for organisations to quickly develop their capabilities and ramp up their productivity for economic growth. To learn more about our research and innovations, please visit Faculty of Science Research News.


For an in-depth discussion on how science and research can transform and contribute to your organisation, please contact Dr. Murugesan Sethu - Head, Strategic Partnerships & Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +65 65168198.