Science Student Fund (SSF)


SSF Bursary

Some of our students come from households which live on less than $1000 per month. The SSF Bursary helps many students from such income families to embark on their undergraduate education at NUS in spite of their financial challenges. Each donation of $2,500 to the SSF goes towards an annual bursary for a needy student. This worthy undertaking will go a long way towards alleviating financial worries and encourage the student to focus on his/her studies.


SSF Emergency Aid

SSF provides timely emergency aid to Science students who encounter an emergency or unfortunate situation. Circumstances which are taken into consideration include bankruptcy, retrenchment, medical or mental disability of the student or a family member who is an important financial contributor. This emergency assistance is for the semester, with the intention of helping the student to continue with his/her study within a short term. The amount of award will be determined case by case, based on the family’s financial circumstances at the point of application.


We have witnessed the impact of your gift in encouraging, transforming and shaping a student’s future. 

We appeal to you to give to the SSF as your annual continued support is needed if we are to continue to help our needy students. Besides providing the donor a 250% tax deduction, the government also matches gifts with a 1-for-1 or 1.5 times endowed grant to the University


We are very grateful to have received gifts to establish the following bursaries administered under the SSF.

  • Alice & Peter Tan Bursary/ Scholarship
  • Goh Foundation Bursary
  • John & Lydia Ewing-Chow Bursary
  • Kwan Fook Ngah & Kum Lai Yoke Bursary
  • Saw Phaik Hwa Bursary
  • Tan Eng Liang Bursary
  • Tan Sau Fun Bursary
  • SSF - Ang Miah Boon Bursary
  • SSF - M & G Bursary
  • SSF - Wong Foo Siong Bursary


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