Study Abroad Programmes.

Our Study Abroad Programmes (SAP) offer students a global learning experience, grooming them to be resilient and culturally sensitive.

NUS offers more than 300 partner universities to choose from, to enhance students’ intellectual and personal development with a global perspective.


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Semester Exchange Application and Procedures

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Credits Transfer

Stay on track with your academic progress while you learn overseas. All courses taken while on exchange will be able to earn you modular credits towards fulfilling of graduation requirements.

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Funding Schemes / Financial Assistance

Don’t let your dreams of going for overseas exchanges be hindered by financial obstacles.
We have various fundings schemes to help you.

Overseas Student Exchange Programme (SEP) Loan

Science Student Overseas Exposure Fund (SSOEF)

Overseas Student Programme (OSP) Loan

NUS Awards for Study Abroad (NASA)

Other awards & scholarships for overseas exchange students


What our students say...


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Carolina’s offerings are incredibly diverse. I enjoyed the classes outside my major, in soccer, music and medieval arts. I went on bird watching trips, discussed children’s books and studied river channels along the Carolina coast.

My time at Carolina has been life-changing, worth every second I spent there and more. Anyone given the opportunity to undertake this Joint Degree Programme will definitely have an experience to be cherished forever

Khalid bin OTHMAN
Life Science Major
Joint Degree Programme with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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  The best part of my SEP experience has to be the fantastic people from
all over the world with whom I have forged strong friendships.

As a Biology major, the most interesting course I took was my “Bee Course.”
Under the guidance of my professor, we independently handled the bees and also “created” more queen bees.

Spending such a long time away from Singapore in a foreign land has made me a much more independent person, and I am all the better for it.
The friends I made and the experiences gained are something which I will hold very close to my heart.  

NG Yi Zhen
Life Science Major
Exchange at Eberhard Karl University of Tubingen


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  The marine environment has a special place in my heart as it was where I first started learning about biology.

The main highlight was definitely the field marine biology course which encompassed a week-long immersion in the marine environment, plenty of fieldwork in various settings, and the experience of the whole scientific process. I also had a short volunteer stint at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)’s coastal ecology lab which allowed for more time in the field and the chance to learn about research from postgraduate students.

Studies aside, I did a fair bit of travelling during the school breaks, including a weekend road trip! Also, Kiwis are some of the friendliest people. Wellington truly became a second home in the short five months I was there. The friendships forged and memories have become an unforgettable part of my life.

My advice for outgoing students?
Keep an open mind and learn all that you can, be it from school, travel, or simply the people you meet along the way. Most importantly, have lots of fun.  

WOO Pui Min Henrietta
Life Science Major
Exchange to Victoria University of Wellington