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Our Faculty offers a variety of major courses under the Bachelor of Science [3 years] and Bachelor of Science (Honours) [4 years] degree programmes. To find out the various major courses we have, please click here.


Minimum Entry Requirements

Students with GCE “A” Level (H2) or Equivalent Qualification

  • For admission to the Faculty of Science, you must have a pass in any two of these subjects at H2 level or equivalent: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Physics, either Mathematics or Further Mathematics.
  • To find out more information on the admission criteria for courses offered by the Faculty of Science as well as the "Environmental Studies" course jointly offered with Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, please refer to the Office of Admissions website as stated below: 
  1. For GCE “A” level students, please click here.
  2. For NUS High School diploma holders, please click here.
  3. For International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma holders, please click here.
  4. For International Applicants, please click here.
  • In your NUS online application form, you need to select "Data Science and Analytics", "Environmental Studies", "Food Science and Technology", "Pharmaceutical Science", "Pharmacy" and/or "Science" course(s) as one of your course choices if you are considering any of them.
  • If you are pursuing a "Science" course, you will choose your intended major in July if you meet the pre-requisites for that major after you are admitted into the Faculty.

To view the pre-requisite(s) of the various courses offered by Faculty of Science, including Environmental Studies, please browse our online Science undergraduate prospectus here.

Students with Polytechnic Diploma Qualification

  • Local polytechnic applicants (regardless of nationality) will be considered for admission if their Diplomas are accredited to our Environmental Studies, Food Science and Technology, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacy or Science courses. To view the list of Polytechnic Diplomas accredited to our courses, please refer to the Office of Admissions website here.


Aptitude-Based Admission (Outstanding Achievements)

Up to 15% of vacancies will be set aside for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission to NUS, where factors other than academic grades will be considered. The following are some examples of exceptional achievements that the University may take into consideration:

  • Winner in the National Science Talent Search
  • Represented Singapore in Arts and/or Sports
  • Active participation in community service and voluntary programmes
  • Work experience relevant to the course applied for (supporting documents required)
  • Key leadership positions in community organisations, sports and athletic clubs, etc. (outside school)

If you wish to be considered under this scheme, you need to provide details under the 'Outstanding Achievements’ section of the online application form, and follow up by sending the relevant supporting documents to NUS' Office of Admissions (OAM) by the due date stipulated on OAM website.


Course Fees, Scholarships & Financial Aid Schemes

For information on the financial aspects of an undergraduate course, please click here

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