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Studying Chemistry @ NUS

The NUS Chemistry programme offers you a broad-based curriculum with many opportunities for experimental studies and the learning of the latter’s inter-dependence with theoretical work. You can also choose to specialise in Materials Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry or Environment & Energy, as you advance further in your study.

Through the programme, you will acquire a strong foundation in the core principles and topics of the four key branches of Chemistry: Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, as well as advanced knowledge in your chosen area of specialisation.


What careers are possible with a Chemistry degree?

Upon graduation, you will possess deep domain knowledge, which is vital for your career in related industries and sectors. Having also acquired valuable skills in numeracy, research and analysis, as well as organisational skills and computer literacy, you will have the versatility to learn new trades and adapt to a variety of jobs within or outside the industry.



Hear from our alumni who all studied chemistry at undergraduate level or beyond and went on to have fantastically varied careers...