Incoming RNS (Returning Full-Time National Servicemen)


To give you a head start in university education and more time to transit to academic life, you can consider enrolling in the following modules according to your preference.


NUS Internal Blended Learning Online Courses (iBLOC)

RNS who have places reserved for them in NUS and will be matriculating as undergraduates in August may apply for iBLOCs if wish.

iBLOC is an online learning platform, which is integrated with re-designed face-to-face learning in a flipped classroom format. The term "flipped classroom" means "inverting the classroom practice". Traditionally, we deliver 2-3 hour long lectures in the lecture halls, conduct 1-2 hour tutorials and seminar discussions in seminar rooms, and we require students to do additional practice and homework outside class or at home.

In the “flipped classroom” concept, physical lectures will be organised into targeted video snippets typically not more than 12 minutes long, which users can access at their convenience. In this way, lecturers can devote classroom time to address difficult concepts/ideas and to cultivate higher order critical thinking skills and collaborative peer work.

RNS enrolling in iBLOCs will have a head start in building foundational knowledge in a few basic subjects via a more leisurely and self-paced learning experience.

For more information on iBLOC, please refer to the Registrar's Office website.


Special Term Modules

NUS offers a spread of modules for RNS to register during the special term period. Existing students who wish to progress at their own pace or graduate earlier can also enrol in relevant modules during this period throughout their candidature.

The academic calendar in NUS consists of two semesters and a special term (divided into two parts). Each semester normally includes 13 weeks of instruction and two weeks of examinations. The special term takes place during the vacation period of Semester 2 and each of its two parts is usually six weeks long, inclusive of an examination period.

Period of Special Term

Part I - May to June
Part II - June to July

Generally students are advised to take not more than two modules in either part of the Special Term. 

For more information on Special Term modules, please refer to the Registrar’s Office website and these FAQs.