Research Programmes: Scholarships


NUS Research Scholarship

Applicants should be university graduates with at least second class honours (upper division) degree or equivalent and at the time of the award of the Research Scholarship, must have applied for and been assured of admission as a candidate for a higher degree research programme at this University. There is no restriction on the nationality of applicants.

For terms and conditions of the NUS Research Scholarship, please refer here.



President Graduate Fellowship (PGF)

The President Graduate Fellowship (PGF) is awarded to students who show exceptional promise or accomplishment in research. A number of Ph.D. research students are selected each semester by the University for the award.

The PGF is open to full-time students of all nationalities. Incoming Ph.D. students and current NUS Research Scholars who have passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination (QE) are eligible to be considered for the award.

Please refer here for more information.



NUS Suzhou Research Institute Scholarship

NUS Suzhou Research Institute (NUSRI) is a university-level institute located in Suzhou, China. The key research areas of NUSRI include energy and environmental technology, food science and technology, new media and software development, biomedical science and engineering, microelectronic devices and functional nanomaterials.

The NUSRI scholarship will provide tuition fees support and monthly stipend for 4 years. Students will in principle, spend their first year in NUS, next two years in NUSRI and the fourth year in NUS.

Please refer to NUSRI at for more information.



Economic Development Board Industrial Postgraduate Programme (EDB-IPP)

The EDB-IPP is a collaboration between NUS and the EDB to build up a pool of postgraduate manpower with critical R&D skills for roles in industry through providing postgraduate training in a corporate R&D environment.

The EDB-IPP is a full-time doctoral programme which leads to an award of Doctor of Philosophy after 4 years of study and research. The research will be carried out intensively in partnership with the company. The company must be locally-based with sufficient R&D facilities. The student must be a full-time salaried employee of the company who is pursuing this programme on a full-time basis.


Criteria for Companies

  • Locally-based and financially stable
  • An established corporate R&D lab in Singapore with a sizeable team of Ph.D. researchers
  • Suitable Ph.D.-level company R&D lab in Singapore with a sizeable team of Ph.D. researchers
  • Suitable Ph.D.-level company R&D leaders to be supervisors for the IPP trainee(s)
  • A good track record of research activities/ projects
  • Commitment to support trainee(s) towards attaining Ph.D. in 4 years
  • Visibility of hiring the trainee(s) as full-time employee(s) after the completion of the IPP project or ensuring that skills gained by trainee(s) are transferable to other companies/ similar industries


Eligibility of Student

  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  • Relevant Bachelor/ Master degree
  • Meets the faculty's admission and academic requirements
  • Employee of the participating company


Support from EDB

  • IPP trainee's tuition fees for 4 years and IPP trainee's monthly basic salary
  • Research grant from EDB for a maximum of 4 years
  • The company should submit the research proposal to EDB for its approval. Once approved, company will enter two agreements:
    • A direct agreement with EDB for EDB funding
    • A separate agreement with NUS



NUS Industry-Relevant PhD Scholarship (NUS-IRP)

The NUS IRP is a four-year research scholarship awarded to Ph.D. students. The research will be carried out in partnership with an industrial partner.


Criteria for Companies

The company should be locally based with sufficient R&D facilities. The company must be able to identify suitable industrial supervisor who possess the necessary qualifications and research experience to be appointed as the student's academic co-supervisor. Together with the NUS supervisor, they are jointly responsible for the supervision of the student in ensuring that the student's research project work meets the requirements of the Ph.D. degree.

The company must be willing to contribute in the following categories:

  • Level of industry commitment should be substantial. The company either fully funds or co-funds (at least 10%) in the form of cash of the Total Project Value (TPV).
  • If industry chooses to contribute in kind, contributions should be at least 25% of the TPV.
  • The industry involved should work on a research project that is co-defined. There should be co-supervision by a faculty member from NUS and a qualified industrial researcher from the industry.
  • The company should host the student for at least a total of 4 months over the full duration of the candidature to work on the research project.


Eligibility of Student

  • Any nationality
  • Relevant Bachelor/ Master degree
  • Meets the faculty's admission and academic requirements for full-time Ph.D. studies


Support from NUS

  • Full tuition fee subsidy and monthly stipend for 4 years as per the terms and conditions of the NUS Research Scholarship



The Lady Yuen Peng McNeice Graduate Fellowship

The Lady Yuen Peng McNeice Graduate Fellowship is awarded to outstanding students who are keen to pursue research in the Southeast Asian Biodiversity. This award is open to Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and graduates of an Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) university.

The student must be enrolled as a full-time student in the Faculty of Science and engaged in cross-disciplinary research in Southeast Asian Biodiversity and supervised by a faculty member from the Department of Biological Sciences. Please contact the Department of Biological Sciences directly if you are keen to apply for the Fellowship.

For the terms and conditions, please refer here.



Tan Ean Kiam Graduate Fellowship in Science

The Tan Ean Kiam Graduate Fellowship is awarded to outstanding students who demonstrated exceptional promise with an appropriate balance of intellectuality and character.

The scholarship is open to Singaporeans and Singapore PR graduate students in any of the six departments in the Faculty.

Please refer here for the terms and conditions.



Other Financial Aids and Scholarships

NUS has an array of financial assistance and scholarships/ awards available to help graduate students finance their studies in the University. Graduate students can apply for the various financial assistance and scholarships to help them finance their studies in NUS.