Joint M.Sc. Science Communication: Programme Structure


The course can be taken full-time over one year or part-time over two years with a maximum candidature of three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students. 

Full-time students may choose to spend one semester (February to June) at ANU and one semester (August to December) at NUS or read ANU modules via intensive mode at ANU Campus or via E-Learning mode.

Part-time students will complete the entire programme at NUS. Part-time students may read ANU modules via E-learning mode or attend week-long intensive modules at ANU campus.

All students can work on their research project concurrently with their modules or during the subsequent year.


Programme Requirements

Students have to fulfil the following conditions:

1. Read and pass the following 2 Essential modules (9 MCs)

  • NUS Module: MW5201 Essentials of Science Communication (formerly Topics in Science Communication) (4 MCs)
  • ANU Module: SCOM8014 (MW5152) Communicating Science with the Public (5 MCs)

2. Read and pass 1 Elective module from List A (4 MCs) and 3 Elective modules from List B (15 MCs)

List A:

  • MW5202 Innovations in Science Teaching (4 MCs)
  • MW5203 Frontier Topics in Science (4 MCs)

List B:

  • SCOM6015 (MW5255) Speaking of Science (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6003 (MW5258) Science in Popular Fiction (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6007 (MW5253) Science Communication Project Design and Delivery (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6012 (MW5271) Science Communication and the Web (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6016 (MW5256) Science in the Media (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6029 (MW5259) Cross Cultural Perspectives in Science Communication (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6030 (MW5272) Science Dialogue Theory and Practice (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6032 (MW5273) Making Modern Science (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6501 (MW5270) Strategies in Science Communication (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6027 (MW5257) Science Politics (formerly Science and Public Policy) (5 MCs)
  • SCOM6031 (MW5151) Science, Risk and Ethics (5 MCs)
  • SCOM8088 (MW5252)  Engagement for Policy Impact (5 MCs)
  • POPH8115 (MW5264) Health Promotion and Protection (5 MCs)

3. Complete a research project (MW5200) worth 12 MCs

4. Obtain an minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00


Continuation and Graduation Requirements

Students must read and pass NUS and ANU modules worth 40 NUS modular credits (MCs), with a CAP (NUS) of 3.00 or its equivalent over their approved candidature period. Each ANU module is 6 ANU credits which is equivalent to 5 NUS modular credits.

Student's CAP should not fall below 3.00 for two consecutive semesters. A student who fails to maintain the minimum CAP as stipulated will have his/her candidature terminated.