Joint Master of Science in Science Communication



The Joint Master of Science Degree Programme in Science Communication was introduced by The Australian National University (ANU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) in January 2009.

Combining the competences of both universities, the programme targets science teachers in primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore, as well as those in areas of education, policy-making and journalism.

The Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) is Australia's oldest and most diverse academic science communication centre located at The Australian National University. CPAS is unique in its orientation to both applied and theoretical studies of the communication of science. Students receive solid theoretical grounding in communicating with the public, training in research methods and practical training in professional, effective science communication.


Objectives of the Programme

The NUS-ANU Joint M.Sc. in Science Communication aims to foster in its participants the skills necessary to:

  • be competent, confident, effective communicators of science and technology to the general public and school-age audiences
  • develop materials for effective communication to non-specific audiences
  • propose and supervise project work and other scientific activities
  • develop strong lifelong learning habits


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