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Student Handbook

The Faculty has put together useful information to guide students through the various administrative procedures in the course of their study. Click on the relevant link below to access the Student Handbook.



Student Portal

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Class and Exam Timetable, Module Information and Module Registration

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For information on Tuition Fees (for MOE-subsidised programmes), please click here. For self-financing programmes, please refer to the relevant department/programme websites as listed here

For information on Miscellaneous Fees, please refer here

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Continuation and Graduation Requirements

For research programmes, please refer here.

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Candidature Matters

For information pertaining to candidature, i.e. extension of candidature, please refer here



Leave of Absence

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Research Progress Report (applicable for Research students)
  • Students are required to submit a bi-annual research progress report via EduRec (Self Service > Research Progress > My Progress Report).
  • Students will need to provide a summary of the work they did in the previous semester and what they will be doing in the current semester.
  • The Research Progress Report submission periods are August (for assessment of research progress in Semester 2 of the previous Academic Year) and January (for assessment of research progress in Semester 1 of the current Academic Year).
    • Report submitted in August 2018 will be assessed for work done from Jan - July 2018.
    • Report submitted in January 2019 will be assessed for work done from Aug - Dec 2018.
  • Students will be notified via email of the submission period. upon receiving the email, they should complete the submission online promptly to allow sufficient time for their supervisor(s), Head of Department/Programme and Faculty to complete their assessments and recommendations for continuation of candidature.
  • For scholars, scholarship renewal will be tied in with the semesteral progress report. Students are to note that htier scholarship will be suspended if they do not complete the research progress report by the deadline. 
  • Students who are in their first term (semester) of study are not required to submit the Research Progress Report. 



Thesis Submission (applicable for Research students)

Information on Thesis submission may be obtained from the Student Portal. Please click here.  




Forms relevant for both research and coursework students may be obtained via the Student Portal. Please refer here



Student Pass

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Best Graduate Researcher Award (applicable for Research students)

To promote and recognize excellent research of graduate students in the Faculty of Science, one Best Graduate Researcher award is given annually in each department. One Top Graduate Researcher in Science award is given if there is an outstanding candidate among the Best Graduate Researcher awardees. 

A cash prize of S$500 is given to each Best Graduate Researcher awardee. The Top Graduate Researcher will receive an additional $500.


Selection Criteria

  • The award is open to all full-time or part-time graduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Science who have not graduated by August in the awarding year.
  • The award is based on the excellence in scientific research carried out by the candidate during his/her graduate study.
  • The research work must be original and significant, supported by evidences such as published papers or unpublished manuscripts.
  • The candidate must have good coursework performance.



  • Students will be inbited to submit applications.
  • They must submit their CV and supporting materials to their department's Graduate Programme Committee. The supporting materials include:
    • a write-up on the research achievements
    • recommendation letter from the supervisor
    • transcripts
    • published papers and/or manuscripts
  • The role of the student in his/her research should be clearly stated if the research work is jointly done with others; i.e., more co-authors are listed in the publications and the student's name is not hte first author.
  • The exact deadline for submission will be publicised to students via email in April each year.


Awardees for 2018

  • Biological Sciences: CHANG Chia-Chen
  • Chemistry: LEE Jin Tu Danence
  • Physics: CHEN Chuan
  • Pharmacy: LIM Seng Han
  • Mathematics: DAO VAN Thinh
  • Statistics: ZHANG Jiejie
  • Top Graduate Researcher: LEE Jin TU Danence



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