Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
TAN Tien Hin Winston
BSc 1972
Managing Director, Corporate Brokers International Pte Ltd
Director, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
Director, Ascendas Pte Ltd
Winston TAN, physics graduate, is the Managing Director of Corporate Brokers International Pte Ltd., a company dedicted to helping SMEs with the passion and potential of becoming MNCs. Mr TAN is a Director of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. (STE) and has been associated with the STE Group of companies for over 10 years. He is also a Board Member of several other private equity companies. Mr TAN spent 16½ years with Citibank and 7½ years with Deutsche Bank where he was General Manager. His contemporaries may remember the weekly folk sessions that he conducted in the lecture theatres. He is also a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.
"The friends made, the things learned and the experiences encountered during my years in SU have definitely and positively influenced my life, and for this I am very grateful to my alma mater."