Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
TAN Mui Ling
BScPharm 1976, BScPharm(Hons) 1977
General Manager, East Shore Hospital (1997 -- 2002)
TAN Mui Ling worked as a pharmacist in both the public and private sectors in Singapore for more than 10 years. She started her career as a hospital pharmacist with Singapore General Hospital, Ministry of Health.
During her tenure there, she set up the Drug Information Service under Pharmaceutical Department to educate and help health care professionals in drug related matters. She moved on to Mount Elizabeth Hospital as her Director of Pharmacy to run its pharmacy operations which have inpatient, oncology and retail components. For her participation in quality projects and contribution as leader of the Patient Delight Team in the hospital's quality movement, she received the Outstanding Quality Award in 1996.
She moved on to hospital administration and worked in both Singapore and overseas hospitals. As General Manager of East Shore Hospital, she led the hospital to obtain the People Developer Award without external consulting resources. She was also involved in hospital planning and commissioning work in a private hospital in a developing country (Yangon, Myanmar).
She is a member of the Singapore Pharmaceutical Society having held positions of Honorary Treasurer, Assistant Honorary Secretary and Editor of the Singapore Pharmaceutical Bulletin for some years. She also served as council member of the Singapore Medical Legal Society for more than 10 years.
"In all work undertaken, do them with a spirit of excellence."