Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
Kok Kheng
BSc 1969, BSc(Hons) 1970
Founder/CEO, Mycobiotech Inc (Everbloom Group of Companies)
Past President of Rotary Club of Singapore West
TAN Kok Kheng is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MycoBiotech Inc (Everbloom Group of Companies). He steered the company from first-discovery through pilot plant to commercialization of fresh mushroom cultivation, transfer of technology, and then to the development of mushroom-based nutraceuticals, functional foods, and biopharmaceuticals. His belief in the therapeutic benefits of medicinal mushrooms for the health of mankind has contributed to the growth and expansion of the company.
Dr TAN is also the Chairman of SMA's Food & Beverage Industry Group. Dr TAN also sits on the committee of many public organisations, including Food Standards Committee of SPRING Singapore, IE Singapore, Ministry of Environment, and the Singapore Cancer Society. In addition, has served his alma mater as a staff member in Biochemistry and has been a regular participant and sponsor of alumni functions.