Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
OOI Hong Liang Stephen
BScPharm 1976; BScPharm(Hons) 1977
President (Australasia Operations), Zimmer
Stephen OOI is the President of the Australasia Region for Zimmer. Mr OOI joined Zimmer in 1986. In 1987, he was named General Manager, Asia, and was promoted to Vice-President, Asia in 1990, and subsequently to his current position in 2002. Mr OOI has more than 20 years experience in the orthopaedics and medical products industry. Mr OOI holds a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy (First Class Honours) from the University of Singapore (1977) and an MBA from the National University of Singapore.
"Stay focused on a vision to leave something behind from hard work and commitment so that you can look back at your career and say, 'I did that!'."
Zimmer - Providing Quality Orthopaedic Care
Zimmer is committed to helping people, by providing effective solutions to restore mobility and relieve the pain of arthritis and traumatic injuries. The company aims to develop, produce and globally market orthopaedic products and services that repair, replace and regenerate, thereby improving the quality of life for orthopaedic patients. Zimmer has facilities and offices around the globe and in 1982, the company registered a business office in Singapore, as Zimmer Pte Ltd (ZPL).
"Zimmer sells mainly joint replacement implants, implants for the treatment of trauma conditions of the bone, spinal implants and related equipments. Our best-selling products are the joint replacement implants, especially for knee replacements. We see ourselves supporting the complete continuum of orthopaedic care for the patients to enhance their quality of life. Our Singapore office is a key strategic regional operation that will position the company well to strengthen our business leadership in the region. Singapore is an ideal geographic location with a good, stable, clean and efficient government and environment that supports business investments."