Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
LAN Weiguang
PhD 1995
Chairman/CEO, Sinomem Technology Ltd

LAN Weiguang started his academic studies at Xiamen University in 1985. He was then offered the NUS graduate scholarship in 1992 and received his doctorate degree in 1995 in record time.
After graduation in NUS, Dr Lan returned to China to assume the position of Associate Professor at Xiamen University. He entered into the membrane technology business shortly after and the Suntar Membrane Technology Co Ltd, a Subsidiary of Sinomem Technology Ltd was incorporated in Xiamen in 1996. A year later in 1997, its Singapore subsidiary was set up due to his astute foresight of the importance of water purification and treatment in water-scarce Singapore.
Today, Sinomem has evolved into a multinational membrane technology specialist company with its headquarters in Singapore, providing advanced membrane material production, membrane equipment fabrication and membrane application solutions as an integrated membrane industry value chain package. It has successfully pioneered hundred innovative and proprietary membrane processes. Dr LAN holds the realm as its Chairman and CEO. In 2002, under Dr Lan’s leadership, Sinomem was publicly listed with spectacular IPO results. With its present strong presence in China, Dr Lan is looking into expanding further into the South East Asia region and global market.