Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
KOH Lip Lin
BSc 1959
President, Singapore Association for Advancement of Science
Member of Parliament 1979--96
Dean of Science, NUS 1981--85

KOH Lip Lin received his BSc degree from Nanyang University and PhD degree from Boston University.
Dr KOH had taught at the Department of Chemistry at Nanyang University (from 1964 to 1979) and at the National University of Singapore (from 1980 to 1996). He was the first Dean of Science at the National University of Singapore, and had previously served as the Head of Department of Chemistry and Dean of Science at Nanyang University, before the merger of Nanyang University and University of Singapore. After his retirement from the Department of Chemistry, he was engaged as a part-time research fellow at CE Resources Pte Ltd, an NUS spin-off company. He rejoined the Department as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in 1992, offering selfless guidance to staff and students on solving crystal structures with his expertise.
Apart from his endearing contributions to the university, Dr KOH also provided his service to the public. From 1979 to 1996, Dr KOH was an elected Member of Parliament of Singapore, playing his part in national policies. He has also served the University as a member of the Council. He is currently the president of the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science. From 1994 to 1997 he served as a co-editor of the scientific journal Acta Crystallographica.