Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2005
KWAN Yuen Ching Natasha
BSc 1985
Deputy General Manager, OEM Multi-National & Alliance, APAC/GCR & Japan Region, Microsoft Singapore

Natasha KWAN majored in Chemistry in the National University of Singapore and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 1985.
Ms KWAN was recruited to the multinational corporation IBM in the field of sales and marketing. She worked in IBM for 7 years driving the channel sales and development and personal computer system.
She joined Microsoft Singapore in 1992, where she has established herself and risen through the ranks rapidly. She started as the Business Systems Manager to build the emerging Windows NT server business. In 1998, she was appointed Director, Enterprise Business Group, before being further promoted to Managing Director in 2001. Ms KWAN has been a key contributor to Microsoft's success in Singapore and is credited with giving .Net momentum in the Singapore marketplace, launching Microsoft's XML Web services centre in Singapore and establishing the .Net--MySingapore partnership with the Singapore Government. She also led the launch of Windows XP and Office XP in Singapore and established Microsoft Singapore's Giving Programme, a local community affairs initiative. In recent years, she has been tasked to play a key role in Microsoft's expansion into the Asia Pacific region. In 2002, she was appointed the General Manager for Customer and Partner Experience for the Asia Pacific region, and then the General Manager for Customer and Partner Loyalty, in which she was Microsoft Asia Pacific's customer and partner 'champion'.
Currently, she holds the position of Deputy General Manager for OEM Multi-National & Alliance, APAC/GCR & Japan Region.
"Small things done consistently in strategic places create major impact."