Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2006
YEE Shen Kuan
BPharm 1976
Senior Deputy Director, Centre for Drug Administration, Health Sciences Authority

Graduating in pharmacy in 1976, YEE Shen Kuan embarked on his pharmacy career in the Government Pharmaceutical Service. Today he holds the post of Senior Deputy Director, Centre for Drug Administration, Health Sciences Authority.
"The pharmacy lectures were conducted at the current Ministry of Health. Headquarters building (College of Medicine Building at College Road). Back then, I did not have much to fall back on except a passion for 'A' level chemistry and biology and a vague desire to help others in need. As time passed, my passion and interest in pharmacy grew. The pharmacy course in NUS wasn't just about the studying, but also the close friendships kindled during the 3 years (my batch was small and close-knit and many of us are still close friends today) and the various fun activities which define university life, such as orientation and the making of the float for Rag & Flag Day."
Here, he shares his reflections, "Till now, I consider myself fortunate in taking up pharmacy as my career and I have never regretted doing so. Yet even more exciting opportunities await those studying pharmacy now, as we are the edge of a new frontier in terms of drug research, development, the use of alternative medicines and the evolving regulatory environment. Trials for drugs that target dreaded diseases are currently underway, as well as other developments such as drugs specially tailored for an individual's specific needs. The challenges are great, as exemplified by the developments in various disciplines, be it in regulation, drug manufacturing, marketing or hospital pharmacy. It is imperative that we have to constantly update ourselves and broaden our scopes in these fields so that we do not get left behind with the times. It would also take a dynamic and dedicated person to pioneer the new age of pharmacy, but the rewards would be well worth the effort."
"Pioneering the new age of pharmacy."