Outstanding Science Alumni Awards 2007
CHAN Ching Ooi
BPharm 1961, BPharm(Hons) 1962
CEO, ISS Education Group, ISS International School (Singapore)

Mrs CHAN Ching Oi graduated from the Department of Pharmacy, University of Singapore in 1962. Then, there were only sixteen students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree class and only three students in the Honours class, of which Mrs CHAN was one of the Honours students. In addition to her BPharm degree, Mrs CHAN also received a Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California (San Francisco). In the early part of her career, she spent 28 years with the Ministry of Health in Singapore, with roles of Deputy Chief Pharmacist of the Pharmaceutical Department, Ministry of Health and Pharmacy Manager of Singapore General Hospital.

Mrs CHAN is currently the Chief Executive Officer of ISS Education Group, which manages the ISS International School (Singapore). ISS International School (Singapore) offers various levels of education in a multi-cultural environment and it have just celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2006. The ISS Group started their second school, the Beijing BISS International School in Beijing in 1994. It was the first international school to be approved by the Beijing State Education Commission. In addition, the Center for American Education (CAE), another division under the ISS Education Group, is also appointed by the US State Department to run the United States Education Information Center since 1998.

Besides her accomplishment in her career, Mrs CHAN is also very supportive of community work. She is a Board Member in the Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre, acting as the Honorary Secretary. She also regularly supports events like 'Every Woman Counts!', organised by the University Women's Association (UWAS), by offering the usage of her facilities.

"I believe in life long learning; by continuing to be active in my work and life style, I could maintain good health and a happy spirit and feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment."