Outstanding Science Alumni Award 2009
PhD 1991 Chemistry
Vice-President and General Manager, Rhodia Novecare Asia

Dr CHEN Pu's association with NUS began when he enrolled as a PhD student with the Chemistry Department in 1987, under a research scholarship. Newly equipped with his PhD, Dr Chen proceeded to create a niche for himself in a career marked by a string of scientific and business achievements. He rose rapidly from entry-level Engineer and Chemist through middle-management positions to his present appointment as Vice-President and General Manager of MNC Rhodia Novecare Asia, picking up and soaking in the experience and expertise needed to manage the Asia operations of the MNC. At Rhodia, his leadership and management led the way for his team to win a string of innovation prizes for new products and customer-centricity. In 2004, he was appointed Global Business Director, a position that has oversight for a business and R&D segment that spans the world and generates revenue in excess of US$200 million. His successes in this position led quickly to his present appointment as Vice-President and General Manager, in which he manages all aspects of the company's operations in Asia, Australia and Japan, and serves as Chairman or Board Director in eight affiliates.
Renowned also for his prolific research work, Dr Chen has 7 jointpatents to his name. He has also authored or co-authored more than 10 papers in internationally acclaimed journals. He has shared his research at international science and business conferences.
"Chemistry is our world! We improve people's lives, preserve resources and protect the environment through chemistry-based solutions."
In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, the Faculty of Science honours Dr Chen Pu with the 2009 Outstanding Science Alumni Award.