Outstanding Science Alumni Award 2011
Marissa TEO Su Sien
BSc Pharm (Hons) 1999
Researcher, National Cancer Centre of Singapore Pte Ltd

Dr Marissa Teo Su Sien graduated from NUS department of Pharmacy and continued her further studies at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She completed her Masters and Doctorate studies there in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Much of her work was involved in tumor biology and it was there that she developed an initial interest in cancer research.

Dr Teo returned to Singapore after completing her studies and joined Dr Toh Han Chong's lab, whose focus is very much on translational research. She has been involved in research in nasopharyngeal cancer (which is one of the top 10 cancers in Singapore) and the lab has just completed a phase 2 T-cell therapy trial. Since joining the lab, she has been awarded the Singapore Millenium Foundation scholarship, UNESCO--L'oreal International Fellowship for Women in Science and the Her World Award for Young Women in Science.

"Research is a combination of luck, hard work and perseverance. While waiting for that 'light bulb' moment, one needs to be persistent and continue to push forward."

In recognition of her accomplishments and contributions, we honour Dr Marissa Teo Su Sien with the 2011 Outstanding Science Alumnus Award.