Distinguished Science Alumni Awards 2005
LEE Kum Tatt, BBM, PPA(E), PPA(P)
BSc(Hons) 1952; PhD 1955
Founder Chairman, SISIR, Science Council and RISIS Co Pte Ltd
Dr LEE Kum Tatt was one of the first doctorate graduate in Chemistry from University of Malaya in 1955.
Evident from his wide ranging and outstanding achievements particularly in the aspects of medical and industrial research and quality development, Dr LEE has left many of his imprints on the pioneering development of many scientific and technological organizations. These organizations include the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR), Science Council of Singapore, Singapore Standards Council and Singapore Polytechnic. These organizations have paved the way for the implementation of many new institutions, projects and schemes such as the Science Centre, Science Park, Singapore Quality Movement, Technical Education and Industrial Orientation Schemes. They have played a highly contributive role and formed the essential foundation towards the moulding of Singapore into the success of today, through the application of science and technology and the networking among the important segments of the country. The success embeds the tireless and devoted efforts of Dr LEE.
In terms of industrial research, one of the most notable accomplishments of Dr LEE was the creation of the gold-plated RISIS orchid in SISIR in 1976 through a patented process developed by Dr LEE. It aroused much excitement among Singaporeans as an answer to finding Singapore's national gift and souvenir. The name RISIS evolved into a well-known brand recognized both locally and internationally.
Dr LEE has always been very interested in the activities and initiatives organized by the Department of Chemistry and the National University of Singapore in general, lending his utmost support whenever possible.
Dr LEE has received several honours from professional bodies and the Singapore Government as a tribute for his achievements and contributions. The Singapore Government awarded Dr LEE in:

1967 -- Public Administration Medal (Silver) for his contributions to the National Health Service
1973 -- Public Administration Medal (Gold) for his contribution to Singapore's Industrialization Program
1979 -- Public Service Star for his contribution to Polytechnic and technical education in Singapore
1980 -- Gold Medal for Applied Research by the Singapore Science Council for his research work in the applied field

Dr LEE was also elected Honorary Fellow and member of the following professional bodies for his exemplary contributions:
1975 -- Honorary Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology
1993 -- Honorary Fellow of Singapore National Institute of Chemistry
1995 -- Honorary Fellow of Singapore Professional Centre
2003 -- Honorary Member of the Singapore Quality Institute
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