Distinguished Science Alumni Awards 2009
PhD 1969 Clinical Biochemistry
Director, Jade Technologies (S) Ltd
Former Minister of State for Education and Community Development
Former Acting Minister for Community Development and Sports
Under a Colombo Plan scholarship, Dr Seet Ai Mee graduated with First Class Honours in Biochemistry from the University of Adelaide in 1965 before taking a PhD programme in Clinical Biochemistry at University of Singapore. She went on to build up a successful career spanning 12 years in Singapore's Ministry of Health and the Singapore Institute of Standards and Research (SISIR), a predecessor to today's SPRING Singapore. During this period, she authored 24 scientific papers in refereed international and local journals in the areas of Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry and Food Chemistry before she moved on to establish a medical laboratory practice.
In 1988 Dr Seet stood for election and became Member of Parliament for Bukit Gombak constituency. Later that year, she was appointed Minister of State, with oversight for the Community Development and Education Ministries. She moved on to become the Acting Minister for Community Development in 1991 before stepping down from the political area to take on an appointment as a Senior Visiting Fellow in NUS Institute of South-East Asian Studies. In 1992 she co-founded Dover Park Hospice, an institution for which she has remained in close association with since.
Dr Seet continued her successful career with additional board-level and directorship appointments in many charity and public organizations. These include the Singapore Hospice Council, the Hospice Care Association and AM Laboratories Pte Ltd. She was equally in demand on the corporate front, holding independent directorship positions in a number of household name companies like Courts (Singapore) Ltd, Noel Gifts International Ltd, Datacraft Asia Ltd, Jade Technologies Singapore Ltd, and others.
On a personal level, Dr Seet has written 6 articles on Primary School Science Education, and undertakes research, development and authoring work on Creative and Interactive Science programmes for Discovery Vacation Camps. She also continues to pursue her passions in Science education and Hospice leadership.
For her contributions to society, Dr Seet received the Public Service Star Award in 1997 and was appointed a Justice of the Peace the following year.
"Don't just love Science -- be passionate in your love, for it is people with passion who are not only the great achievers but also the ones who pass their love to those around."
In recognition of her accomplishments and contributions, the Faculty of Science honours Dr Seet Ai Mee with the 2009 Distinguished Science Alumni Award.