Alumni Relations

Our alumni are important to us. Even though you have graduated, we want to continue to connect with you through our social activities, educational programmes and news updates. You can play a part by contributing your time, resources and talents to make the Faculty a great place for students and alumni to learn together and have fun.

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Alumni Awards

We are proud of our alumni who have helped to enhance the Faculty's standing and stature in society. Here we showcase some of our illustrious alumni who have distinguished themselves through their accomplishments.

NUS Alumni Awards

Celebrating excellence, the NUS Alumni Awards are the pinnacle of alumni recognition by the University. Through the Awards, which were launched in the NUS Centennial Year in 2005, the University recognises alumni who have made significant contributions to their alma mater, society, and the world.

NUS Alumni Awardees List


Science Alumni Awards

In conjunction with the Faculty’s 70th Anniversary in 1999, the Faculty established the Distinguished Science Alumni Award (DSA Award). It recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves in national leadership, service, research excellence, or betterment and promotion of Science.

DSA Awardees List 


To recognise the growth and influence of the Faculty in a wide range of disciplines, the Faculty established the Outstanding Science Alumni Award (OSA Award) to celebrate the University's Centennial.

OSA Awardees List