Highlights & News

NUS clinician scientists have developed a web-based tool for predicting hospital readmission risk in Singapore.
27 Mar 2017
Alexandre CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
NUS physicists have designed and successively micro-fabricated a miniature ion beam source prototype, paving the way to improve ion beam brightness by up to a million times.
22 Mar 2017
Jeroen Anton VAN KAN (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS biologists have developed small peptides which are able to target cancer cells for anti-cancer therapeutics.
17 Mar 2017
GE Ruowen (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS physicists have found a new type of black hole that can exist in anti-de Sitter space, whose event horizon is infinite in extent yet has a finite area.
13 Mar 2017
Edward TEO (Group Leader, Physics)
Vibrant Science booths drew more than 4,600 visitors
29 Mar 2017

Risk stratification based on the 15-day readmission risk can be performed on discharging patients
28 Mar 2017

Life Sciences' Mick LEE shares why NUS was definitely the place for him
27 Mar 2017

Shawn shares on how he ventured into the niche field of forensic science
27 Mar 2017

Upcoming Events

BioBiz2017 : Annual Biomedical Conference
Suntec City Convention Center Level 2
01 Apr 17
Annual Pharmacy Research Awareness Symposium
To be confirmed – L5 Science Dean’s Lounge
05 Apr 17
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