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NUS scientists, together with researchers from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Imperial College London (ICL), have developed non-invasive biophysical techniques to quantify oxygen concentration and micromechanical properties in bacterial biofilms and understand their real-time responses to environmental changes.
16 Jul 2018
Thorsten WOHLAND (Group Leader, Biological Sciences and Chemistry)
NUS researchers have developed a colour-enhancement film that could bring richer and more natural colours to next-generation flat-panel electronic displays.
09 Jul 2018
TAN Zhi Kuang (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS marine biologists have developed a model describing the dispersal of seagrass via vegetative fragments for ecological engineering of coastlines.
02 Jul 2018
Peter TODD (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS biologists have discovered that the gene apterous A in butterflies is responsible for the development of unique dorsal wing patterns and colours.
07 Jun 2018
Antónia MONTEIRO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Student Life
illumiNUS 2018
More than 90 students joined the annual NUS Students' Science Club Sports Committee night cycling event.
16 Jul 2018

Emeritus Professor HEW Choy Leong was presented two distinguished awards for his lifelong contributions towards Life Sciences.
12 Jul 2018

Singapore’s first batch of pharmacists certified to prescribe medicine.
09 Jul 2018

Food Science and Technology alumni CHAN Joy Seng set up Alive Nutrition to provide nutrition education that helps consumers make healthier food choices.
05 Jul 2018

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