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NUS biologists have discovered that the gene apterous A in butterflies is responsible for the development of unique dorsal wing patterns and colours.
07 Jun 2018
Antónia MONTEIRO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS chemists have developed a more effective method using heavy water splitting to swap hydrogen atoms on organic molecules with their heavier cousins (deuterium) for pharmaceutical applications.
06 Jun 2018
LOH Kian Ping (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Researchers from NUS and National Parks Board (NParks) have established that the critically endangered Singapore freshwater crab (Johora singaporensis) does not mix or breed between different populations, and has overall low genetic diversity.
31 May 2018
Rudolf MEIER (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS physicists have discovered and experimentally shown that quantum coherence effects can be used to control particle transport in lattice structures.
30 May 2018
GONG Jiangbin (Group Leader, Physics)
FoS departments hosted customised programmes to encourage prospective students who received admission offers to study Science at NUS.
25 Jun 2018

NUS High School Team 2 emerged as the winner in the competition, which challenged teams to apply scientific knowledge to address the real-life issue of cyclones.
21 Jun 2018

Department of Biological Science researchers identified a gene that impacts the patterns and colours of the dorsal (top) wing surfaces of the African squinting bush brown butterfly.
18 Jun 2018

109 teams from 47 schools learnt about the chemical processes behind crystallisation, factors affecting crystallisation and crystal growing techniques.
14 Jun 2018

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