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NUS scientists have discovered a method for photoinduced electron doping on molybdenum ditelluride heterostructures for fabricating next generation logic devices.
07 May 2019
CHEN Wei (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS clinician scientists have identified biomarkers associated with cancer-related cognitive impairment to provide better supportive care for cancer patients and survivors.
23 Apr 2019
Alexandre CHAN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
NUS physicists have discovered that recovered carbon black powder can be transformed by laser treatment to give a wide range of colours for potential display applications.
18 Apr 2019
SOW Chorng Haur (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS chemists have developed a highly efficient nanostructured catalyst based on zinc and silver that can convert carbon dioxide, an environmental pollutant and greenhouse gas, to methanol for use as chemical feedstock and fuel.
05 Apr 2019
Jason YEO (Group Leader, Chemistry)
The roundtable discussed technological advancements in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and consumer products.
17 May 2019

15 May 2019

Pharmacy researchers crack the code to chemobrain therapy in cancer treatment
29 Apr 2019

Prof SHEN Zuowei, Dean, Faculty of Science, was recognised as a SIAM fellow for his contributions to approximation theory, wavelet theory and image processing.
08 Apr 2019

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