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NUS chemists have developed carbon-conjugated covalent organic frameworks for visible light-driven catalytic production of hydrogen gas from water.
09 Oct 2019
JIANG Donglin (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS scientists have reported in Nature (26 September) the discovery of latent universal electron donors from common anions, like oxalate, which can potently transfer electrons to organic semiconductors, realising the dream to achieve electron injection layers with ultralow work functions which can yet be processed from solution in the ambient.
04 Oct 2019
Peter HO, CHUA Lay-Lay and PNG Rui-Qi (Group Leaders, Physics and Chemistry)
NUS data scientists have developed an improved version of the Fama–French three factor model to provide better estimations of the financial returns for business analysis.
25 Sep 2019
LI Jialiang (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)
NUS researchers have found an alternative to cisplatin, a widely used chemotherapeutic agent, for improved treatment outcomes.
18 Sep 2019
Giorgia PASTORIN (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
A key catalyst of the local start-up scene, NUS has set its sights on becoming a locus of innovation and entrepreneurship across Southeast Asia and China. Craft Health, one of the start-ups cited, founded by pharmacists Dr GOH Wei Jiang and Dr LIM Seng Han, personalises nutrition and medicine through 3D printing.
08 Oct 2019

Moving Pictures
The Virtual Wallace Collection is now available online, visually illustrating the most complete record of Singapore’s natural history heritage from the 19th century.
08 Oct 2019

One of Singapore’s leading champions of marine conservation, scientist Dr NEO Mei Lin (Science ’09, PhD ’13) shares why bringing research out of the lab, and into everyday lives, matters.
07 Oct 2019

The winning idea, named Eggfree, is a B2B service solution that conducts experiential learning workshops for men and women at the workplace, to ‘normalise’ the topic of menopause by sparking conversations about it.
04 Oct 2019

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