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NUS scientists have developed a more efficient method to sequence the complete genomes of infectious diseases carried by mosquitoes directly from patient samples.
12 Sep 2019
October SESSIONS (Group Leader, Pharmacy)
NUS chemists have synthesised and characterised π-extended triangulene molecules with ferromagnetically coupled edge states for molecular spintronic devices.
05 Sep 2019
LU Jiong (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS researchers have discovered that chimpanzees and bonobos share the contrasting colour pattern seen in human eyes, which makes it easy for them to detect the direction of someone’s gaze from a distance.
04 Sep 2019
Antónia MONTEIRO (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS scientists have developed a method for directional excitation of plasmons at molecular length scale with electrically driven sources.
26 Aug 2019
Christian NIJHUIS (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Dr Galih KUNARSO (Science ’06, DukeNUS ’13, Medicine ’18) shares on his spirit of continuous learning in his pursuit to improve lives as a doctor.
16 Sep 2019

Renowned naturalist Alfred Russel WALLACE and his trusted assistant Ali were commemorated for their contributions to natural history with the unveiling of a statue of them at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.
13 Sep 2019

In the Spotlight
The film experimenter
Physicist Dagomir KASZLIKOWSKI pursues science and film-making with equal passion as he sees both as creative but precise endeavours.
04 Sep 2019

Food Science and Technology Programme celebrated its 20th anniversary with a new milestone.
20 Aug 2019

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