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NUS scientists have demonstrated a strain-induced structural rearrangement of one-dimensional (1D) metal-organic molecular chains for potential use in fabricating functional nanostructures.
08 Nov 2019
LU Jiong (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS biologist discovered that repeats in genetic patterns associated with plant immunity may cause its immune system to misbehave.
01 Nov 2019
CHAE Eunyoung (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS chemists have developed carbon-conjugated covalent organic frameworks for visible light-driven catalytic production of hydrogen gas from water.
09 Oct 2019
JIANG Donglin (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS scientists have reported in Nature (26 September) the discovery of latent universal electron donors from common anions, like oxalate, which can potently transfer electrons to organic semiconductors, realising the dream to achieve electron injection layers with ultralow work functions which can yet be processed from solution in the ambient.
04 Oct 2019
Peter HO, CHUA Lay-Lay and PNG Rui-Qi (Group Leaders, Physics and Chemistry)
A 20th anniversary celebration of the French Double Degree Programme (FDDP)
13 Nov 2019

Illustrating interesting scientific concepts to the general public
08 Nov 2019

Trailblazers: KosmodeHealth
Extracting health from nature - a unique start-up from the Department of Food Science and Technology
31 Oct 2019

Prof TOH Kim Chuan received the award for his fundamental contributions to the theory, algorithms and applications of convex optimisation, especially the development of algorithms and software for semidefinite programming and conic programming.
18 Oct 2019

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