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NUS physicists have designed a bipedal nanowalker that can change its walking manner and direction by adjusting the length of its stride.
18 Mar 2019
Wang Zhisong (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS chemists have developed a novel ratiometric fluorescent probe for studying cellular activity of the clinically important anticancer drug cisplatin for next generation drug development.
19 Feb 2019
ANG Wee Han (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS scientists have discovered the mechanism involved when transition metal dichalcogenides on metallic substrates transform from the semiconducting 1H-phase to the quasi-metallic 1T’-phase.
12 Feb 2019
Andrew WEE (Group Leaders, Physics)
NUS scientists have developed a method to construct highly complex molecular tessellations using a single molecular building block.
11 Feb 2019
LOH Kian Ping (Group Leader, Chemistry)
The campus was abuzz with activities as prospective students and their families learnt about the holistic education experience at NUS.
20 Mar 2019

The award-winning project, by Department of Physics' and Centre for Quantum Technologies' Prof Murray BARRETT, aims to develop an integrated CMOS chip for optical clock applications.
13 Mar 2019

The journey from mathematics to theatre might seem unlikely, but as Science alumnus Mr KOK Heng Leun reveals, there’s a science to the art form.
21 Feb 2019

Recognising faculty and staff who exhibit excellence in teaching, research and service.
20 Feb 2019

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