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NUS mathematicians have developed efficient methods to study complex energy landscapes and thermally activated events.
23 Aug 2017
REN Weiqing (Group Leader, Mathematics)
Molecular physiology
Bioelectricity from eels
NUS biologists have gained insights on factors affecting electric discharge intensity from the electric eel, Electrophorus electricus.
17 Aug 2017
Alex IP (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS statisticians have developed a better methodology to study user behaviour for freemium products and services.
14 Aug 2017
LI Jialiang (Group Leader, Statistics and Applied Probability)
NUS biologists have discovered that two hormone factors, cortisol and serotonin, play critical roles in the development of male-biased liver cancers.
07 Aug 2017
GONG Zhiyuan (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Student Life
RAG and Flag 2017
More than 430 Science students raised over $17,400 for the Lions Befriender Service Association (Singapore)
23 Aug 2017

Students were introduced to statistics and its applications in real-world situations
21 Aug 2017

Junior college students experienced undergraduate life at NUS Chemistry through interesting activities
17 Aug 2017

Physics concepts were brought to life for secondary and junior college students
14 Aug 2017

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