Highlights & News

NUS mathematicians have formulated an equation for designing efficient memory allocation techniques for computer systems.
29 Sep 2016
TAY Yong Chiang (Group Leader, Mathematics)
NUS biologists have developed an effective method for protein extraction from green algae to detect environmental pollutants.
25 Aug 2016
LIN Qingsong (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Advanced materials
A new class of materials
NUS physicists and collaborators have developed ultra-thin films of a new class of materials: Weyl semi-metals.
22 Aug 2016
Adam SHAFFIQUE (Group Leader, Physics)
NUS scientists have found that most tropical butterflies tend to feed on a variety of flowers but some species are very selective in their diet.
19 Aug 2016
Edward WEBB (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
Student Life
RAG and Flag 2016
Science won Gold award at RAG 2016
24 Aug 2016

An annual welcome session for new Science graduate students
22 Aug 2016

Dr Cedric TAN
Pursuing novel ways of integrating science and art for education
16 Aug 2016

Reaching out to ex-offenders and their families
15 Aug 2016

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