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NUS chemists have developed a high performance contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology to improve cancer diagnosis.
26 Nov 2019
LIU Xiaogang (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS scientists have demonstrated a strain-induced structural rearrangement of one-dimensional (1D) metal-organic molecular chains for potential use in fabricating functional nanostructures.
08 Nov 2019
LU Jiong (Group Leader, Chemistry)
NUS biologist discovered that repeats in genetic patterns associated with plant immunity may cause its immune system to misbehave.
01 Nov 2019
CHAE Eunyoung (Group Leader, Biological Sciences)
NUS chemists have developed carbon-conjugated covalent organic frameworks for visible light-driven catalytic production of hydrogen gas from water.
09 Oct 2019
JIANG Donglin (Group Leader, Chemistry)
Robert BOON, Year 2 Pharmaceutical Science student, is part of the Singapore eSports (Mobile Legends Bang Bang) team.
29 Nov 2019

Chemistry alumnus Garrick LIM won the prestigious Thomas Clarkson Gold Medal at The Global Undergraduate Awards.
28 Nov 2019

Student Life
Therapy Dogs Programme
Project Director Mathilda TAN shared how relaxing with six shelter dogs on 18 November offered students a refreshing time-out amid their examination preparations.
25 Nov 2019

Latest list of highly cited researchers recognises NUS researchers for their globally prominent research in one or more fields.
19 Nov 2019

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